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Old Age-The Glory of Passing Years

The reality of the transience of our physiological time can be quite unnerving. None of us is guaranteed longevity. It is bestowed upon us by the Lord in His sovereignty, mercy and wisdom. 514 more words

The End of Everything (Part Three)

The “Left Behind” movie came out in 2000. I saw part of it. It was on in a friend’s room and I saw enough to decide I wasn’t interested in seeing the movie. 359 more words

Taking Control!!

In our life as we know it, we have the opportunity to do what ever it is that we want to do.  This is what most people call a free will.  167 more words

The POWER of Pomegranates

Pomegranates have been around as a food since ancient times and their health benefits have long been recognized. Pomegranates can range from yellow-orange to red to deep purple. 331 more words


Sustainability Matters

Experts say maintaining personal connections is a key component of staying younger as we grow old.

Are we so busy that we are aging faster than we know? 687 more words


Longevity: opportunities, honesty and planning

As an economist working on estimating how much it will cost to look after older people with care needs and dementia in the near future, I often have the role of reminding people that longevity, which is a wonderful human achievement, does come at a cost, and it is a cost that we are not quite prepared for. 835 more words