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Get To Know Your Smartphone

A battery is an device that converts stored chemical energy to electrical energy. The battery seen in devices such as the one you are using now is the secondary type of battery. 357 more words


Eating the MND way every day - 17-a-day average!

Some days, actually pretty much every day, I am asked what I eat.

I eat an EXTREMELY nutritious diet, and this is important.

I have written about this, and it would be WELL WORTH you taking some time to read these links in this post, as this is fundamental to what MND is all about. 759 more words

Healthy Eating

Strength is health!

Natural, functional strength training, properly done without going into over training, is practically a wonder pill for injury prevention. It builds longevity and vigor into basically every system of the body. 28 more words


By all means run, even if you're super slow

Whether you log a marathon or a single city block, running—even slowly—may greatly reduce the risk of a cardiovascular-related death when compared to people who do not run, says a new study published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 225 more words

Ba Duan Jin on the bed

Eight Sections of Brocade is a traditional Daoist health maintenance program reputedly created by Zhongli Quan in the Tang dynasty more than 1000 years ago. Over that thousand years it has spread widely among the people, and has a variety of movements, some standing and some sitting. 622 more words

Dark Light - Ken MacLeod (2001)

‘The Second Sphere was founded by gods and populated with a host of kidnapped alien races. For Matt Cairns and the cosmonauts of the Bright Star it is their new home, but their unexpected arrival may trigger disaster. 364 more words

Space Opera

Mi Casa

Vacations always make me appreciate home.

After such a wonderful, engaging, eye-opening, fantastic, blissful, delicious getaway, I just want my bed.

Until next time…