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Birthdays with the Bard

It’s quite a literary day, today, being the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. I know there are all sorts of theories about the possibility or likelihood that Shakespeare penned all the works attributed to him, and regarding the chances that the man from Stratford-upon-Avon was sufficiently well educated to have been capable of such a feat. 158 more words


Gothalion: Borderlands 1 Multiplayer

One Saved. One Dead.

The Truth of Longevity

A bit over a month ago, it was announced that all Gamespy online services would cease to exist post May 31, 2014, and with that announcement the fate of many games’ online multiplayer functionality hung in the balance. 300 more words


The Legend of the Sesame Seed and Immortality

Black Sesame Seed / Hei Zhi Ma,  Image credit

The Legend of the Sesame Seed and Immortality

There is an ancient Chinese legend from the Qing dynasty that pays tribute to the importance of sesame seeds in one’s diet. 447 more words

Daily Post

April Recipe: Searching for the Fountain of Youth

by Kristen Rezabek, MS, RD, CD; MG Class of 2013

Our average life expectancy has been climbing steadily over the last century. In the 1900′s life expectancy was roughly 47 years. 1,002 more words

Master Gardeners

Work longer, live healthier? The health implications of retirement

by Emma Birchall, Head of Research, Future of Work

When to retire? It’s a life-changing question most of us will face and, while we may be able to calculate the financial implications, it seems we could be making this decision with astoundingly little data on what retirement means for our health. 574 more words

Time = Success? Or Success = Time?

Lately I’ve been engrossed deeply in the managerial career of one Josep Guardiola. Why? You could place it on boredom or idleness, given that just the other week I was officially done with my undergraduate studies (the course work, at least) so maybe I have more than adequate time to spare. 1,790 more words

Good Health

Meeting – Tuesday 22nd

The theme of the day for this meeting was, “Good Health,” from the smaller than usual Central Park Toastmasters team. Many may have taken the opportunity to combine a super long weekend, by taking 3 days as leave between Easter and Anzac to give a ten-day break. 628 more words