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The Secret to Living?

I watched the new Dodge advertisement this morning, the one with a number of people all over 100 years old giving advice.  I know it is an advertisement but that notwithstanding, it makes me think of a lot of the things I have said here.  362 more words

The BEST Exercise Plan For Health and Longevity

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Published on Apr 14, 2014
What exercise plan is the best for health & longevity? There are a lot of theories on exercise… watch this video to find out what I am telling my health coaching clients on how to work out.


How Much Exercise Do You Need?

If exercise can keep me breathing 4.5 years longer, I’m all for it! I’m sure most of you will agree that when it comes our time to leave this orb, we… 776 more words


Longevity: Geographical Location, Lifestyle or Genes

Ever since I found a post from &Farmer123 post living a short(er) life because of our lifestyle, I have been doing a little internet searching on the subject of longevity and the factors that influence it. 149 more words


A Lesson in Longevity: Visit the worlds Blue Zones

I recently stumbled across a Nat Geo article that described 5 places around the world, where people generally lived longer. These places are known as Blue Zones, and I happen to be traveling to one of them this coming month. 932 more words


Poll Results- Who wants to live forever?

The results are in! Last week I asked you and the rest of the internet, “Would YOU like to live forever?” It was a short time frame, but I managed to find a variety of opinion. 404 more words