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Touch Of The Souls

Once Someone asked
‘who is a Soul mate?’

I replied
‘Soul mate is a Spirit
Who traveled in the Universe
All along to be with You! 108 more words


The Midnight Train

Longing is like the Midnight Train.

Lulling me to sleep if I were ever still awake as a girl.

There was a certain degree of assurance in its euphoric disturbance. 45 more words

Feeling Worthy of Being Loved? #1

I’ve been looking for love my whole life. I’ve been dreaming about this guy that would meet me totally on all levels, the physical, the mental, the emotional & most importantly the spiritual plane. 3,442 more words



My hashtags are invariably #sagaofmynonexistentlovelife and #perpetuallyheartbroken.  #whatacatch. 

If a dog barks in this office another time, I will rip my hair out.

I know how this works.  298 more words

watching waiting

quietly watching
tensely breathing
sensually waiting
ever so hungry

the breath of water
stroking my wings
holding my being
watching waiting

the heavens calling
reaching restlessly… 70 more words

My Prose And Poetry

building soul bonfires

{image from Pinterest}

I’m building a bonfire.

I’m setting light to a spark. Fanning a flame.

Sometimes you need a hot reminder of truth. The why behind the path you are on. 361 more words