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Wise Old Winston

Cut the hip hop
and the pop-synth


we exist
in silence,


Somewhere along the way
we decided to chase
this path… 97 more words

'Was it a dream?'

Was it a dream?

The beauty, the mountains, the lake

Was it a dream?

Constant happiness, joy, no stress

Was it a dream?

Dark brown eyes looking so sweetly into mine… 35 more words



I heard the sound

As sweetest kiss

Assail my sonics

In sweetest bliss

It drew me on

Through dead of night

Through alley dark

Below red light… 42 more words


Telling Lies

All truth is a lie. I’m cynical. For the past twelve years, I’ve lied every day, and I’m sort of okay with it.

So what does that say about me? 460 more words


Heart Shaped Chest

I talk so fondly of forgetting.

Each memory should have stayed
Locked in that heart shaped chest
you surgically extract them from.

Lockets made from lost emotions… 81 more words


No Solace

Sleep is no solace when we are apart
it alludes me, it runs from me
I try desperate measures
imagination and tight grip are bed fellows… 60 more words


Wisdom of the day for 08/01/14 Fulfillment

If you will please imagine me as a genie from a lamp, when I pop out I offer but one wish. The only thing is you may not wish for more wishes or means to obtain more wishes, You may only have just one wish One… 1,294 more words

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