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Dragon’s Backbone or the rice terraces of Longji

The Longji (Long = Dragon, ji = backbone) ……  chinese for beginners ha ha    Anyway, the beautifully engineered terraces are situated in small mountain villages on an altitude of approx 1000m.They are farmed by minority people such as Zhuang, Dong and Miao. 72 more words


Longji Rice Terrace Photo Post

You have to feel sorry for Guilin , despite being a beautiful city, no one wants to stay there because 100km north and 80km south are two stunning locations. 33 more words


Unconventional China

My chop sticks slipped sending the beef strip back into the depths of the simmering hot pot. A slick of chilli oil coated the surface of the pot, reminding one how hot Chinese cuisine can be. 771 more words