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Women Who Smoke

Women Who Smoke 

Before my father joined the army and was still living at home, when he came back from a date, my Grandmother would ask him only one question: 155 more words


Kelton Wright Struck Gold With This Piece.

“Follow your dreams” has been popping up in my life with an irritating regularity as of late. Like an ex-boyfriend you never ran into when you were dating but is seemingly unavoidable post-breakup, this phrase is rearing its privileged head in every coffee shop and Facebook post I come across, likely because for the first time in my adult life, I chose to do the opposite: instead of following my dreams, I followed the money. 838 more words

Deeper Thinks

Domhringr, Part One

The druids were full of pig shit.

They taught that if you led an honourable life, if you respected the gods and stood by your family, your clan, and your people, you‘d go to Techduinn – Leah’s folk call it Magh Meall – to rest in peace and plenty until your time to live again. 508 more words


300 Lines from a Walk on the Beach

300 This our endus now loops our open

299 Fall far below, leap over, gambol

298 Careful of grinning Grendels

297 Trolling erasures, elite elides, slow spindles… 1,851 more words


I Was Raised By Feral Lutherans

Parenting is hard. Fun, but hard. Fortunately we have the examples of our own family to guide us, or at least the wisdom passed down from previous generations. 1,720 more words

Oil and Vinegar

Oil and Vinegar 

Oil and vinegar do not mix unless shaken and suspended by an emulsifier. It is a great condiment in combination, but let it stand by itself and it soon separates into two parts. 618 more words


Thoughts About Gaming Mods

Okay, this again is my personal views on the subject, and for those who do not game, this refers to people putting together maps, changes, to the equipment, storylines, or alternate views, directions,  and so many other additions and/or corrections to an actual retail game. 1,732 more words