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Fan Mail from Prison and Other Milestones

I’ve heard several writer friends say you know you’ve “made it” as a writer when you receive fan mail from prison. It’s a thing. A bit of black humour, obviously, as I’ve never known any writer who seriously thinks they’ve “made it.” It’s an intriguing idea, fan mail from prison. 1,841 more words

Deep Thoughts

Farewell Mr. Coffee--Redux

Thank you for joining me for the summer redux series. I am re-posting stories you may not have read, in the fashion of a summer re-run.

1,455 more words

Hang on, How Did 'That' Happen ???

It has been such a big week and I have just sat down and read my post of July 4th, So what are my Squatters up to?  1,540 more words

Live Life

What it's like to have a fetish

Someone I know was kind of curious about how this whole fetish thing works.  So let’s talk about this.  Let’s talk about how it operates in my life, what it feels like, and how I think someone with a fetish differs a bit from someone who doesn’t have one. 1,841 more words


The Hidden Truth About the Cold War Roomba

Over at Paleofuture, Matt Novak looks back at the 1959 Cold War cultural exhibitions hosted by both the United States and the Soviet Union. For the United States, the Moscow exhibition was a chance to show off the newest products and technology from companies like IBM, Sears and Kodak—and perhaps the most important innovation of all when it came to highlighting America’s high-tech future: 160 more words