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How Real Is Reality?

What is it this thing called reality and just how subjective is it? Here is my reasoning behind this question. If I talk with someone and feel that they are not really listening, how sure am I that this is the case rather than bad processing of information on my part? 590 more words


A Mightier Penn (89)


That afternoon, Holly spent a little more time feeling the tomatoes in the grocery store, took a little while longer in talking with the resident fishmonger, and was little more selective in choosing the wine that would accompany the evening’s salmon. 532 more words

A Mightier Penn

Thoughts on a Wedding Day

After ruminating on the day as a whole, if I had any advice to anyone contemplating getting hitched it would be this…..
Be ruthless with those around you, those closest to you. 631 more words

Wedding Story

The New Teacher - short story

A dearth of links to short stories has given me the opportunity to promote yet another of my own works in my unofficial celebration of…

276 more words

Food For Thought

“The pizza man don’t come here no more.”  This phrase is true in any ghetto and the song “Deliver” by Lupe Fiasco delivers a message that sheds light on the lifestyle that is attributed to those who live in the ghetto.  135 more words


Midnight Plane to Houston

By 1973 I had a red Panasonic ball radio parked in the darkened little hutch that was built into the headboard of my bed and was discovering both the inchoate power of music, and words like ‘inchoate’. 1,141 more words

The Secret Lives of Passwords

Ian Urbina, writing in The New York Times, confesses his fascinations with passwords. In a piece titled “The Secret Life of Passwords,” he explains: 288 more words

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