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What would Phillip look like without his disabilities?

Every once in a while I do a double take on the street when I see a tall, thin, blond man. If I see a man of this description on TV, I am mesmerized by the way he looks. 304 more words

This & That

The "Hey Now" of the week by far this week is.....MARIE HARF

She’s been all over the place and she is just so hot and so smart and its way cool that she works for the admin and all that great stuff….its also good to see some hotties in the WH admin….you dont get that too often folks…not even on west wing although you do get some hotties maybe on Newsroom (that black-haired girl that’s been in a few other things is way hot and one other maybe on N. 201 more words

Don Lichterman

RIP Robin: Revolutionary improverse haiku lament

When you’re always told/
that you’re “just like” someone, it’s/
hard to learn he’s died.


WEBTASTIC: Man Spends $50,000 To Look Like A Ken Doll! (VIDEO)

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I introduce to you, Celso Santebanes. He has spent $50,000 to look like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.

Celso is a 20-year old Brazilian model who is a self-admitted ‘mirror addict’ and plans on having more surgeries to look just like Ken! 145 more words


Out of Love by KG MacGregor

I’m once again reading a lot of lesbian romance – I can’t seem to help myself, I blame my kindle.

Hotshot business woman Carmen Delallo and travel agent Judith O’Shea meet at a travel convention. 248 more words


Theodore Bonbon and Bonbon

Months ago, my guinea pig Bonbon died. :(

Months later, we got a piggie named Theodore Bonbon. (his sister is Sneb)

They look alike! :) 30 more words