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This Easter, Beware of Identity Theft

Karen Nichols  |  Apr 9th 2009  |  

Our best friend, Guido the Italian Kitty, sent us this important warning to guard against identity theft as we head into Easter week. 14 more words

Going home to a .... oh hang on .. I'm there! Day 9

I’m almost home.. that’s all I can think of.. I’m almost there.. The moon is casting a wide silvery path  across the freezing cold ocean.  The breeze is blowing icy blasts across our faces.  1,753 more words

Ramblings Of A Blogger

Hollywood is a zoo.

Soooo, this is pretty self explanatory…

    Okay, this one just kills me. That dog. It’s like just one of the girls hanging out, drinking coffee, doing their hair! 29 more words

LeMonkey House

20 Celebrity Look-A-Likes

While they may not be doppelgangers, these celebrities share a lot of similar physical qualities. Some of these look-a-likes will have you feeling like you’re seeing doubles! 102 more words


What Fictional Character or Celebrity Are You?

After filling out the ‘Which Johnny Depp Character Are You?’ quiz for the third time because I wasn’t satisfied with the result I was getting (I was hoping for Donnie Brasco or maybe the guy from… 414 more words


Ordinary Face

I laughed a couple of times that it happened, but now it always seems to be the first thing a new person says to me: 251 more words

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