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The Masquerader Is Bold-Faced Entertainment

Within the first 1000 words, The Masquerader plunges from the back benches of Parliament to the backstreets of London, setting up a psychological thriller that readers won’t soon forget. 190 more words

Psychological Novel

Thrift Tips

By far the most common question I get from people is “How do you thrift shop?” People never can believe the amazing finds and prices I discover at thrift stores and they always want to know how they can do it too! 1,210 more words



Did you know that there are people who look like objects? There are also other people who resemble cartoons and animals!
Below, I shall provide examples. 36 more words

Just For Fun(lol)

Celebrity Pornstar Look-Alikes

We’ve been seeing less and less of one Dude Rancher recently. When we did see him, he had the forearms of Popeye.

We naturally assumed he was being strategic at the gym and only training the muscle group that is on show year round, the forearms. 41 more words

Dude Stuff

Mistaken Identity

The topic this week is: Have you ever been mistaken for anyone else? and I can say,” Yes, many times”.
Most of the time, I was mistaken for my sister. 1,320 more words

Embarrassing moments

I inadvertently posted my experience about being mistaken for someone else in my reply to Jeff’s post, so, today I’m going to repeat what I said. 149 more words