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There are a lot of options on the web to get a look of Windows 8 on older OS some common are Mosaic, WinMetro, Newgen etc. 156 more words

Look And Feel.

Just Perfect!

2014 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 / 105 DSG BMT

If you are searching a modern compact car, there are plenty of reasons to consider the new Golf.

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No Turbo? No Fun!

2014 Opel Astra 1.6 / 115 Active

It has been a while since I drove a new car in this class without turbo. A noisy engine that has to be revved hard, modest performance and heavy on the fuel, – brings me back to the nineties.

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The design for Vesper, thoughts

Check out this fantastic step by step design of the Vesper app

After working on my design for the past month or so, it was very interesting to see the process of getting the execution of an idea. 123 more words


How Can You Protect A Website?

Websites have a variety of intellectual property protections available.  The basic protection for the website content is copyright.

However, if there is a novel and non-obvious method associated with the website, it may be protectable with a utility patent application. 494 more words

Work And No Play

Coloring a Table Cell

There shouldn’t be any argument that a good-looking page (coupled with meaningful content) should entice a user to come back. I recently found a simple way to add color to a table cell on a wiki page and this is how it works. 170 more words


The Poem? How Many Divisions Does it Have?

As I put the finishing touches on Yellow Buick Review No. 2, I take a minute to reflect on what has changed, for good and ill. 890 more words