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Streamlining CSS: Chicken Sandwiches, Simplified

Let’s order lunch and streamline our code classes.

We’ve already nuked and simplified The Yellow Buick Review’s HTML/CSS. Before we make it external, let’s streamline our CSS (cascading style sheet) even more. 970 more words

Cascading Style Sheet

Simplify, Simplify (CSS Portion)

Dump the needless CSS you’ve inherited from prose-oriented programs, and replace it with CSS that understands poetry’s unique needs.

Through this whole tutorial, we’ve been using cascading style sheet information that we inherited from the original MS Word save-to-HTML operation. 1,703 more words

Cascading Style Sheet

Simplify, Simplify (HTML portion)

If your E-book’s .html file has too much junk in it, take Thoreau’s advice and “simplify, simplify.”

Here’s what we’ll do.

  1. Make multiple backup copies.
  2. 1,384 more words
Cascading Style Sheet

Picking an HTML Editor for E-books

When it comes to E-books, I find nothing can replace a good Find/Replace text editor.

Even if you start your E-books in InDesign, QuarkXPress, or Microsoft Word, chances are pretty good you will end them in an HTML editor. 364 more words

Cascading Style Sheet

Famous Last Word Post

We’re here! Which is to say, we’re done with Microsoft Word, and we can now start doing stuff directly related to making E-books for EPUB and Kindle. 630 more words

Cascading Style Sheet

Stylesheets, Then and Now

Some book designers don’t know what CSS stands for. That might actually be a good thing.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It’s basically a dress code for your website or your E-book. 440 more words

Cascading Style Sheet

Cellular Nutrition - What is it?

Cellular Nutrition simply means a nutritional program that has been designed so that the cells of our bodies – the tiniest living units – are as fully nourished as possible. 373 more words

Cell (biology)