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the Boots Electric Theme from Honkey Kong

“Just use your finger to make the bleeding stop.”

Ooh, nas-tay. Now whisper his name back to me.

Boots. Boots Electric.

Just like that, li’l lady. 11 more words

Look And Learn

Environmental Science: Our impact on the earth.

Watch the youtues below and use the questions as promtps to write a response. Post your response on the blog.

Why is it so important to learn about the environment? 38 more words

Look And Learn

Week 2 Homework: Look and Learn.

Due Monday 20/10/14

Have a look at the picture above!

  1. Do you think this picture is appropriate? Why/why not?
  2. What message is it sending to the public?
  3. 51 more words

Look & Learn - Coonawarra 14/10/2014

Look carefully at the Coonawarra web site and complete the following tasks in as mush detail as possible.


  • Describe some of the activities that are at Coonawarra.
  • 32 more words
Look & Learn