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A Premiere League Team for my son

I am shopping for a Premiere League Team for my son, not to own (I am not yet there financially) but to be a fan of. 418 more words

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Sarah Silverman offered her heartfelt tribute to Joan Rivers, and it got me thinking

I’ll be the first to admit that I never fully enjoyed Joan Rivers’ specific brand of humour.

But I made myself re-read something I wrote about her a while ago, and it just seemed too mean-spirited and immature for my liking. 465 more words

Real Talk

As someone who dabbles in childcare...

…I find myself feeling bad for parents of young children sometimes.

One for you lovely breeders.

Real Talk

Just going to leave this here.

Side note: I’d get in so much trouble if I saw such a banner outside the Dunedin Hospital. I’d black out, there’d be red mist, then I’d get arrested. That much is true.

Real Talk

Twenty-Five Books of Christmas: Number Three - Look and Learn no. 571

Look and Learn No. 571, 23rd December 1972
IPC Magazines Ltd, Fleetway House, London, England
Cover art by Angus McBride