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How to Look Good in Scrubs

Looking good is your right. We all want to look good and professional in our work uniforms. Nobody wants to look incompatible or ugly. As a healthcare professional, you too have the right to look and feel great. 836 more words

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Carpe Diem - Live your life - ToW

Carpe Diem can be translated to Seize the day, or even better live your life.

Even if it is a good thing to prepare for tomorrow, it is even better to live the day you live right now and make it the best day ever. 32 more words

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Friday life hack: looking good on the fly

(My apologies for the delay, I’m on the road this weekend and fighting for good cell signals)

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When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Hairs are natural assets given to us by god. It is a way in which every person differs from each other. Every person has its own way of expressing style and beauty. 213 more words

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Your Assigned Group!

This is for all you 8th graders out there who are in a group of friends. The minute you enter high school you’re gonna be antsy until you find your group of friends, well in reality, teens transitioning from 8th grade to the 9th grade usually change in personality, I know I did, but i actually started realizing that my group of friends were a bunch of weirdo’s in the middle of the year. 281 more words

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Clog for Fun

How funny is this, a little clog, only one.

And why do we sell this on our shop?

Because it is unique there is only one, 99 more words

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The Working Girl Diet

Ever since I turned the awkward age of 13, I have had a weight problem.  All throughout middle school, high school and college my weight has been up and down.   310 more words