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New Flashback Experience

Today i had a new experience with flashbacks. I looked up on a shelf at my mother s house where she keeps a beautiful sculpture of a woman in repose i saw that she had added a strip of ivy and festive greenery over it . 68 more words

looked part

saw the other view

and how it was packaged

and its own overblown

and the sentence

and how it was the themes of the reactions… 47 more words


Emotions. Numb. Scary.

I see that there are other topics on this but the one I looked at was old. I ve known I m numb for awhile now. 89 more words

My Experience Not Sure Where To Post This

Hi everyone, I ve looked through the forum, but I don t know where to post my experience. I was a bystander to a fatal domestic violence dispute on Christmas Eve. 77 more words

how she looked at me

funny could i feel a moment

and funny it was the


and how it

must have been the painting

and how it was the section… 48 more words


outside looked

window and how it

morphed and lead a aingle

and its own taxing settlement

and who is best beat and then paid

stayed so quiet… 46 more words


How to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out

When was the last time you looked at the words in your Twitter profile? Is your Twitter bio interesting? A little personality in your Twitter description makes you stand out from the masses and entices people to follow you. 46 more words