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when I look up, I just trip over things

Having spent a few weeks looking up at the city above eye level, this week it’s time to look down at what’s underfoot. The photos in this week’s post exhibit a more muted palette than the last one, being largely limited to browns and greys, but I found looking at the street under my feet to be surprisingly interesting and varied. 1,172 more words

Paying Attention

Bottom Of The Barrel....

This is the third and final post on this mini-serious, or maybe not even that,  on getting older. The first post was about my depression when I compared my aging life with some of the other bloggers that I read.  399 more words

Off The Top

The 13th Week

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Whatever happens in the morning…coffee is a must! :)


I like the new tenants under us. They’re having this simple minimalistic garden. 52 more words

Weekly Challenge

Days 38-43 - Michiko Christiansen

Day 38 – Friendship: friendship ring links

Day 39 – A Memory: My mom’s china cabinet filled with photos and dishes that we all grew up on. 29 more words

Photo Challenge

Pediatric Nurse Teri Sherrin

Pediatric Nurse Teri Sherrin

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Listen to what Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Teri Sherrin’s concerns are about our children who are spending too much time looking down at technology.


Photo-A-Day 42 out of 47 — "Looking Down" (Don) [multiple photos]

Kept my eyes pointed toward the ground as I walked to the store — here’s a couple interesting things I found.