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A Dating Poem

I kid you not, this guy sent me an online dating email with the poem below.  Frankly, I got bored and didn’t read the whole thing.   714 more words

Online Dating

Empty Frame

I have always kept an empty frame on my desk.

And I don’t know if that means I’m still waiting for my special someone, or if I’m just too damn scared to fill it with anyone. 12 more words



Here she comes in patent leather thigh-highs, a snappy little
Sixteen. She pops bubble gum, wears a rainbow tam,
And just delivered her first child into the world. 706 more words


October 14, 2014

Dear Tiggy,

Having come out to myself, my wife of 31 years, and the world in the past year, I’m having the hardest time meeting older, bisexual men who understand my efforts to create a new phase of our marriage rather than divorce and pretend to be gay. 943 more words


You’re just like a book:
You make me want
To not leave; so, I took
and continuously haunt
you for the love I look.

The love I look: 32 more words


October'14 - Monologue for a lonely soul

We all look for something more in this Life, don’t we?

And that feeling of loneliness is just unbearable sometimes, isn’t it?

Don’t you feel jealous when you see other couples holding hands in a cold winter night? 1,014 more words

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