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A Dark Twist? Or A Spiral Downward?!

A.G Howard’s book Unhinged (sequel to Splintered) is nothing short of magical. It’s gotten a bit darker, slightly more chaotic, and even more alluring! 
A.G Howard has a sight for detail and imagination bringing life to Wonderland’s creatures through her mastership of writing. 98 more words

Why Bother With A Blog?

- I’ve been seeing clients in downtown Bellingham at LGS for a long time now and I find that someone clues me in on something I didn’t know before almost every day. 321 more words


Through the Looking Glass

Did you ever notice that we don’t all live in the same world? Together with an acquaintance I look to the same topic. What I’ve learned to observe, escapes someone else. 270 more words

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Facing fears for #NaPoWriMo 's day 2 challenge - myths and legends

Through the looking glass you haunt my dark corners,
In the shower I bleed the  jaws that bite.

The memories of mourners  remind me I can’t fight it.

119 more words

Friday Vids #2

This week’s video inspiration is quite fierce but impetuous. I kinda got hypnotized. Let me know what you think!

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you’re sensitive to rapid imagery. 96 more words


Through the looking glass

When I was 17, I distinctly remember an adult telling me to enjoy being young because “these are the good old days you’ll look back on in years to come”. 508 more words