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April Charity Crafting Night Recap

We had our April Charity Crafting night last week at the Oak Park Main Library..  Audrey had a great idea to post our event on Meetup.com and we attracted several new members to our group.   139 more words

Giving Artfully

A Woman Of Many Projects

Does this happen to anyone else? I have so many projects going on at once. I’m currently (attempting) to sew a shirt, trying to figure out my embroidery machine to embroider my husbands shirts (and maybe be able to make some money on the side doing embroidery), editing photos for myself and a friend, teaching my older 2 stepsons how to sew, loom knitting projects (currently working on a scarf for my sister, but have other projects on hold), and raise a 2 year old (which I feel, I’m sure like most mothers, I’m doing a horrible job at). 216 more words

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The last four...

Yep…I just wound the last four balls of handspun-by-Emily-merino/alpaca-yarn for Evan’s Sweater!

Since I’ve been only winding skeins as I need them, that means that… 53 more words

Loom Knitting

Pins of the Week - Knit Fails

Normally I would be posting my Pins of the Week but I had to share these two reddit posts I came across.

I laughed so hard when I saw this because I did this with my… 75 more words


Martha Stewart Loom set

My blogging buddy Renee inspired this post. She mentioned that she didn’t know that Martha made looms.
It occurred to me that she may not be alone on that. 426 more words

Crochet-Loom Knitting-Yarnies

Loom Knit Kitchen Scrubbies

Last month my Bff called me to tell me a very helpful hint she discovered: use a scrubby to wash potatoes with.
I love this idea and have used it ever since. 474 more words


Little Boye Tube Loom

The other day while I was looking through my old sewing box, I found this cool little Boye Tube Loom. I must of had it for 30 years, so I guess that makes it vintage. 213 more words

Crochet-Loom Knitting-Yarnies