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Knifty Knitter is Knot So Bad

Going into the whole “teaching kids to knit” thing, I would have looked down my nose at the Knifty Knitter and other knitting looms.

In fact, when my boss gave me the tub of knitting supplies for the class, I shuddered at the presence of the Knifty Knitters, and the bag of Fun Fur (did you know that Fun Fur survived the last decade?).  356 more words


An Awesome Model

This is a friend of mine, MadRatBird who I met on RPR, the same place I met Sanne. She is an amazingly kind person and when she saw the length of some of the scarves I was working on she asked when I would be open for commissions. 111 more words


Sorting Hats at Jackson-Via School

Thanks to Dr. Tracie Daniels at Jackson-Via for allowing us to use the big lunch tables in the first grade commons to sort and count our new hats! 31 more words


When One Door Closes...

Forever my inspiration.

This year started really badly. I’ll just put it out there. My Oma (dutch for “Grandmother”) was diagnosed with cancer. One day she fell and bumped her head, and while she was resting in hospital they did some routine tests, but discovered there was a lot more going on than we realised. 878 more words


Announcing Knitting Together

   Knitting Together is an intergenerational circle of family and friends in Charlottesville, Virginia, loom-knitting hats for donation to those in need.



Loom Knitting - Good for the brain? -for the Spirit? -for the Community?

Brain-fitness articles often recommend learning a new skill such as knitting.

This sounded like a great transition from my primary focus on Weaving the Web… 185 more words


ABC's of Genuine Happiness - "C" Create Something Exciting

My blogging friend Monique has challenged us to the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.

I’ve missed out on “A” and “B”, but I think I can contribute to the letter… 204 more words

Writing Challenge