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Captain Kangaroo Court: Media Circus & 5 Day Filibuster (Humor Haiku / Tanka / Semi-Stream-of-Consciousness)

“Captain Kangaroo Court: Media Circus & 5 Day Filibuster”
by Ry Hakari

One I:
Stalling, enthralling,
subconscious crowsnest falling
Gripping yet slipping

Attention is really… 1,630 more words

Put Your Best Six Feet (or Legs) Forward

It’s Monday. Again. And what better time to take a bold step forward, my best foot if you will, in the form of my best six feet or legs, (as it is probably not proper to say a caterpillar has feet). 209 more words

Macro Photography

Year in Review: 2014

My daughter was born in February. That’s notable, right? But her arrival meant many of the things I did this year involved poo and sick and probably don’t make for interesting reading. 988 more words

Cruising; Demopolis AL to Mobile AL

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted to the blog. I just looked up the last date of publication and it’s been 3 weeks. 1,482 more words



After reviewing Mysterious Skin yesterday, I was inspired to buy and rewatch Looper. I think this movie was high profile enough for me not to bother with my usual summary of the plot so I will just offer a reminder that this is the one where Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the connection to Mysterious Skin in case you were wondering) plays a specialized hitman who must hunt for his future self (Bruce Willis) who has been sent from the future for assassination. 254 more words


StepByStep Looper UltraViolet Digital Copy Bluray

And speaking of price, there is another reason to make the switch. Bluray players are becoming progressively more affordable, as are the Blurays themselves. So why not go ahead and buy one. 221 more words