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My review of "Looper" (2012)

I am still blogging my past movie reviews on Faceback; this was my somewhat enthusiastic review of “Looper.”  @@@@@

FINALLY.   After a string of misfires, I finally succeeded in bringing home a decent movie from Redbox – “Looper” (2012), a smartly written, high-concept sci-fi thriller in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a mob hitman charged with executing a time-traveling older version of himself (Bruce Willis).   640 more words

Best Films of the Decade So Far

Last week, my friend Andrew Boring and I had a discussion about the best albums of the decade so far, afterwards I released a list in picture form here on the… 158 more words

Top Ten List

I can't believe I just shot *SPOILER ALERT*

Now I look back on 2014, it was a relatively quiet year for me and movies. Or at least, new movies. By my count there were fewer than 40 films I saw for the first time, perhaps the lowest total for a while. 1,147 more words


And the "footswitch project" ?

You may remember when I was trying to shortly explain how to make your own “DIY USB footswitch” for the sake of using loops on-stage… Here is the post I wrote a few months ago about this :  137 more words

Musicians' Diary

Catching Up with Myself (Looper Caterpillar)

This tiny caterpillar has the appearance of going so fast that it can barely hang on by its back legs (i.e. prolegs, i.e. false legs or suction-like appendages). 62 more words

Macro Photography

Redo 2

I was not a fighter. Every fight that I had gotten into was when Milgram was controlling my body. My reflexes were poor, and I froze when I heard Harsh, like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. 932 more words


The Top 10 Films of 2012

Due to classes and busyness the past couple of years, I never got around to posting several of my top 10 lists for the best films and TV shows of the year. 1,028 more words

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