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oh to be a kid again

I seem to be in my purple phase this week..I blame a certain fellow blogger  flooding my invent with lots of purple gatcha duplicates ….. 204 more words


This war is ours

Baby, don’t talk to me
I’m trying to let go
Not loving you is harder than you know
If you don’t want me then
I guess I’ll have to go… 185 more words

This could be paradise

This has been the unhealthiest year for me. Back in March I was diagnosed with the flu and strep throat. Yesterday I was diagnosed with an ear infection and mono -___- Needless to say, I’ve been feeling quite lethargic and been an even lazier bum than I already am. 135 more words

Prints and Patterns

Hello, lovelies ♥

Do you like using prints with other prints? Well, I do. ♥ The dress I’m wearing is the newest release from Eyelure. It’s also available in three other designs.


Change the weather, still together when it ends <3

Carrying over from yesterday when it was raining and the fact I was having a discussion about Maroon 5 with my boyfriend a couple days ago… I revisited their old stuff like Sunday Morning :D Hence the “songspiration”. 87 more words

Rainy days :]

Rain makes me happy. Lots of things make me happy but it’s been so dry and unbearably hot here lately. So after cleaning house for a bit I look outside and notice that it’s a pleasant grey color and there is water falling from the sky :] I really love rain. 107 more words

Pillow Talk

Radio & Cassette Player: Soy.- Vintage Boom Box -Red (RARE) *new*(Kustom 9 Gacha)
Hair: (Milana) Mint *new* (Hair Fair 2014)
Dress: Loordes of London-Pillow Talk-Melon… 64 more words