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Even more health benefits of Green Tea...

We all hear about how good for us Green Tea is supposed to be, but it seems it may even be better for us than we originally thought! 187 more words


Week 2... Mixed Red Berries Loose Tea

The past few weeks at Coffee ETC have been rather busy, as I think all this cold weather is causing everyone to hibernate with warm teas and coffees (or at least that is what I have been trying to do!) 383 more words


Teavana Perfectea Maker

Good morning everyone!

I don’t know what you use to steep your tea, but I have to highly recommend the Teavana Perfectea Maker!

You pour your loose tea directly into it. 136 more words


Week 1... Lemon Gunpowder Green Tea

So, as promised, I am going to be trying out a new drink that we stock every week – as hopefully this means that both you and I will learn something new! 151 more words


Our daily tea

As much as I love the experience of drinking fine Japanese teas, the reality is most of us can’t drink expensive teas every day. Not only is it cost-prohibitive, but when you spend the time and money to find a really good tea, you want to… 886 more words


Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

While I and the vast majority of my friends and the nation use tea bags due to convenience (no shame in that), learning how to make the… 200 more words


Kusmi Tea Gift Set & Hario Chaor 4-cup Tea Maker

I’m obsessed with teasChristmas teas, black teas, green teas, etc. My sister (@Angie) and I always send each other Christmas lists, but this year she suprised me with a… 110 more words