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4-17-2014 | Dream Fragments | Zombies In W Park | Rioting/Looting At A College Shopping Center

I did/do not feel like typing my dreams today, I came close to closing my blog indefinitely today, I did not jog today to rest my toes because I probably injured them jogging yesterday, I hardly did any strength training or burpees today because of an injury from strength training yesterday, et cetera but I am going to type my dreams anyway; and so expect me to type it lazily and expect even more errors because of the font and font size bug in the visual editor for the Hemingway Rewritten theme ( 805 more words



Since the revolution in January 2011 many Egyptians have no work and have no way of supporting their families – desperate situations often lead to desperate measures – one is looting ancient sites, and becoming part of the illicit antiquities trade. 367 more words


Zucman on Offshore Wealth

Paul Krugman’s blog pointed to an interesting paper last week, documenting the global effects of offshore wealth, i.e., “swiss bank accounts” all over the world.  430 more words

Politics And Economics

Law makers looking to crack down on looting

Unfortunately we have learned once a natural disaster hits, looters tend to move in and immediately pick through whatever they can get their hands on. 239 more words


The Archaeological Record: Making Things Right

I came across a couple of news articles over the weekend that are worlds apart, but with a similar theme: damage done to the archaeological record and what’s being done to mitigate the harm. 284 more words


Empires, Theft, and Just Wandering Around Picking Stuff Up

The fact that Elder Scrolls Online has finally come out of beta reminded me of one of my favorite things about gaming: picking stuff up.  It’s something that I’ve seen done in different ways in different games – in Terraria, for instance, you can find pitchers, vases and chests all over the place, and pretty well clean out dungeons for decor for your house (done a lot of that).   640 more words

JA Howe

December 1st, 2012 - Moss Landing, CA

In the world now, where few things remain standing, it’s 2012. I feel like somewhere out there my familiar solid world still exists. I might dream about it. 789 more words