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Monuments Matter

It was 2010, the summer before protests erupted in Dera’a. In Palmyra — a UNESCO-ranked world heritage site set in its own desert oasis — the ancient stones glowed gold in the setting sun. 1,128 more words


Facts? I don't need facts! Just a gut feeling and a strong opinion to back it up. Plus YouTube. YouTube helps.

One of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen is Alien.

In fact, it is the scariest movie ever.

Hands down. Case closed. This is not a democracy, you don’t get a vote. 710 more words

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Ferguson ... again?

Just spit-balling here … but with all the continued “protests” and horrible threats and images of violence in Ferguson, MO, one HAS to ask, “Don’t these men and women have jobs to go to in the Obama administration’s awesomely improved economy?” Seriously, enough is enough.


MMOs: Grinding, Looting, Endgame

Glenn takes the hosting reins for a spirited discussion, and debate, over the merits of Bungie’s first person looter, “Destiny” and MMOs in general. If the endgame is the goal, why not start there? 36 more words

Retro Gaming

The Nature Of Protests In Hong Kong

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)

Under the one country two systems doctrine, Hong Kong is technically a part of China, but it has a fairly autonomous local government, and a separate economy. 533 more words


'Burn it down!' Looters break into Ferguson, Mo., beauty supply shop

It looks like it’s time for some more looting and perhaps some arson in Ferguson, Mo., where a makeshift Michael Brown memorial burned earlier today… 652 more words