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Actor Kevin Sorbo Posted This: Why Is He Being Attacked by Libtards?

Any excuse to attack a conservative, Christian actor. Click to enlarge.

Sources: Stormfront and Facebook. 7 more words

National Preparedness Month- Are YOU Ready?

I know this is not my normal style of post but I just wanted to bring something to the forefront of your mind.  September is National Preparedness Month… 716 more words


Listening To A Black Canary

- by Jack Curtis -

Black Americans have abandoned their post-slavery American Southern Christian culture, replacing God and responsibility with Government and entitlement. As the larger culture is now engaged in the same transition, the American black experience has much to tell …if we’re willing to listen. 1,081 more words


"The Ferguson Uprising Lights the Way"

The following piece was handed out as an agitational flier on the streets of Richmond, Virginia.

* * *

“It doesn’t matter that the dude has a black face, they’re all cops.” 418 more words


Audio Shows Officer Paused During The Shooting Death of Michael Brown (AUDIO)

CNN reports that a man, who does not want to be identified, was video chatting with a female friend when the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown occurred. 175 more words


Everyone is Getting the Ferguson Story Wrong

With the dust beginning to settle on the unrest in Ferguson, the narrative shifting, and the news cycle seemingly moving on, I thought I could finally post on Ferguson. 1,073 more words


Pro Tip - Dropping Trophies

Do you ever wonder why you see some stacked TH8, 9 and 10’s in silver II or lower? It’s really quite simple. The LOOT IS GREAT!  100 more words

Clash Of Clans