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Result of russophilia (18+)

I have completely no pleasure publishing those Boeing crash site photos (collected from dedicated Ukrainian websites and Twitter accounts), but someone has to do this job and politically correct media isn’t likely to change its usual underreporting style. 150 more words


MH17 Crash Site Reportedly Looted by Rebels

Originally published on VICE News July 20, 2014.

The international community is demanding that rebels controlling the remote area in eastern Ukraine where Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down on Thursday grant investigators and monitors full access to the site.


Federal Reserve

There’s a serious question of whether you will have any assets left after the FED finishes transferring the country’s wealth to the fat cats on Wall Street. 280 more words


John Kerry: ‘Drunken separatists’ interfering at MH17 crash site


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From CNN

GRABOVE, Ukraine — Are the same separatists accused of shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 now looting, tampering with the evidence and stopping investigators from combing through the wreckage? 3,135 more words

Looting in Paris as Europeans Protest Against Glass Windows, Laws, Property, and Jews

Sarcelles (France) (AFP) – A French rally against the deadly Israeli offensive in Gaza once again descended into chaos Sunday as protesters looted shops and riot police lobbed tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds. 409 more words


Anti Looter Tips

I stole a couple of tips from the anti-looting guide from Patriot Survival Plan.

Here are a few simple ways you may be able to scare away looters in order to avoid a confrontation: 149 more words