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One-Party Rule.

One-party rule in state legislatures

Seems to agree with most sanguine natures.

Power corrupts, Lord Acton admonished;

So why should this tendency leave us astonished? 65 more words


Power to the people?!?

As in mob rule?

A British historian that went by the name of Lord Acton observed more than a hundred years ago that
“All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” … 658 more words


Friends of Freedom

`  Few seem to have considered what the word ‘freedom’ actually implies. To be fully free would require us to more than somehow survive escape from our bodies, but to also ward off the strictures imposed by time, such as past and present, the future, a heritage, a history… Space would pose no problem were it not so full of things we’d have to go around, already posing a limitation to our freedom. 521 more words


Separation of Powers

Absolute Monarchy, a form of Absolutism where the king or queen had absolute power to rule over land and people without opposition led to terrible injustice. 323 more words

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