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Lord Mayor's Parade 2014 (...NOT Boris Johnson!)

So I went to see the parade on Lord Mayor’s Day on 8th November. It took a while to get back my photos of the day. 187 more words


Britain You're A Firework

So it turns out the Brits are super into their fireworks! Yesterday was the day of The Lord Mayor’s Show in London, an 800 year old tradition that requires the new Lord Mayor to trek from the old City of London to Westminster (the three and a half mile journey probably seemed more treacherous 800 years ago…) to show his or her devotion to London upon being given the title of Lord Mayor for the year. 196 more words


Lord Mayor's Show lights up the capital

Thousands of people flocked to London’s streets to see Lord Mayor’s show despite chilly weather and the threat of rain.

This year marks the 799th of this ceremony in London’s history as the three and a half long parade snaking through the streets. 246 more words


Firework Frenzy

Cause baby you’re a FIRRRREEEEWORKKKK! Come on let your colors BURSSSSTTTTT!

I couldn’t help but sing the only Katy Perry song that I can stand to listen to when I found out that fireworks would be a part of the Lord Mayor’s Show today. 331 more words

Turn again, Whittington

October 30th –  On this day in 1397 Dick Whittington became Lord Mayor of London for the first time (of three).  Among the many public works undertaken by Whittington, in or out of public office, were the acquisition and conversion into a Market of the old Leaden Hall, on Leadenhall Street; the establishment of the College of St Spirit and St Mary, on what is now College Street, where he lived; the reconstruction of the church of St Michael Paternoster Royal, also on College Street; the reconstruction of the Guildhall; the reconstruction of Newgate Gaol at the junction of Newgate Street and Old Bailey, which had been damaged during the Peasants’ Revolt (and of which he had written “ 194 more words

On This Day

Lord Mayoral Rundown

It was an important project of mine to interview all five candidates for Lord Mayor.
I feel it’s something Breakfast can do well, and was a good challenge for me to push the candidates. 11 more words

Radio Adelaide


As the council elections approach in Adelaide, many hopeful candidates are out knocking on doors, meeting local residents and feeding letterboxes with their policies.

One man who has been representing Adelaide for the past four years and running again this month is the youngest Lord Mayor in history, Stephen Yarwood. 714 more words