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Benedict Cumberbatch Brings Out His Smaug Voice At SDCC, 2014

Ok, so it’s always been a thing to be wary of dragons, and asking favors of them has really never proven fruitful. However, Benedict Cumberbatch certainly knows how to deliver the request of an awesomely dressed women sporting her LOTR buttons.

-- Echoes // Pt. I --

There is a lot of song in Lord of the Rings, notes that are just words on a page but seemed like entire melodies of thought as I read them. 453 more words


R. Armitage as Bard, 2008.

Here’s a small painting I did back in 2008, thinking that it would be great if Richard Armitage got a part in The Hobbit.

Along with many other fans, I thought he’d make a wonderful Bard. 165 more words


Hobbits and Black Rider.

This is a water-soluble graphite painting I did back in 2008, just for fun; starring Guy of Gisborne as an unmasked black rider. I could only fit three of the hobbits on the paper. 36 more words


Sam and Frodo at the End of All Things. ROTK, LOTR.

This is quite a large painting, as you can probably see from the progress photo in which it’s leaning against a chair.

I think that I didn’t ever finish this one. 21 more words