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Gollom...beloved character or creepy character from the depths of the abyss.

If you watched Lord of the rings then you know Gollum, creepy, weird, scary as f**k Gollum. I re-watched lord of the rings recently and the whole time I was just waiting for him to eat a finger.(lol, that sounds dirty!!). 97 more words


LotR - part 8

Just two¬†sets¬†featuring Luthien Tinuviel from JRR Tolkien’s writings. I’ve put this post under LotR because Beren and Luthien were mentioned in LotR and I highly, highly doubt I’ll be making many sets based on Silmarillion characters….

“Luthien Tinuviel”



misc. Christian - part 9

There was a request for some cheerful sets, so here’s a dancing one, featuring Luthien Tinuviel from JRR Tolkien’s writings.

“Praise You With the Dance” – from Casting Crown’s song of the same name