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Lotr - Feeling.....Risk......y! :o

Well! yes. This is Risk. This is Lord of the rings risk.

I had never played risk before but Mark brought this and we had an amazing night playing this with some friends! 169 more words

Lord Of The Rings

'Your Legs Are Too Short, So Use Your Head' - Sam Gamgee (to Himself)

It’s not often that I look to fiction for advice. If I’m honest, I tend not to look anywhere. It’s not a good habit, but it is what it is. 947 more words


'Drawing Him Into the Shadow' - Tolkien Figures Out Ring-O-Vision at Amon Hen

By the time Frodo made his climb up Amon Hen, he had worn the One Ring on three occasions. First was at Tom Bombadil’s House, second was accidentally in Bree, and lastly during the attack on Weathertop. 1,458 more words


'Evil Enters into His Heart' - Tolkien Constructs Boromir's Betrayal

Tolkien first wrote about Boromir when he penned the original draft of the Counsel of Elrond. From the start, this member of the Fellowship asked a bit too much about the Ring. 1,119 more words


The One Ring Amps Up Boromir's Sass

As the Fellowship drifted farther south on the Anduin towards the rapids at Sarn Gebir, Boromir turned cranky. Maybe the sounds of the crashing water kept him up late the night before, or maybe it was something to do with the lust for the Ring. 898 more words


Sam's Confusion and the Blending of Time in Lothlórien

From the very first time I read the Lord of the Rings, the scene with Sam and Aragorn after the Orc attack on the Anduin always felt odd to me. 1,373 more words


'Fierce Voices Rose Up' - Tracking Orcs and Wraiths Across the Months

We last left the Fellowship as they were dealing with Gollum while floating down the Anduin south from Lothórien. After another 130 or so miles of basically nothing, we join them again. 1,216 more words