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The Two Towers

The Two Towers was…okay. I read it over the course of about one year. I got through about half of it and then put it down for about 8 months, before I picked it up again on my honeymoon after reading  609 more words

Knotches On My Bookshelf

Fictional Bucket List #5

Associated Book/Series: The Lord of the Rings


Brooklyn Wind Turbine

We did a small hike yesterday to the wind turbine. Again, this hike told me how out of shape I am. At the midpoint there were all of these old bunkers which I don’t really know what they were used for in Wellington but they were cool and have been graffitied on. 98 more words

New Shadow of Mordor Trailer Released!


Shadow of Mordor, you’ve heard of it right?

Shadow of Mordor  is based in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional land of Middle Earth, or ‘that one from Lord of The Rings’. 255 more words


New Shadow of Mordor Video

Nuevo video explicando un poco mas quien es el “wraith” de Shadow of Mordor


Casualties of the Fandom: Character Distortion

Ironic how many of my posts begin with discussions with either Professor V.J. Duke, Liam, Head Phil, or Rosalie… No? Nobody even noticed?! 1,096 more words

Transmedia Games, Part 3: Cross-Canon Counterparts

Sometimes, when changing mediums, some characters won’t quite cross over. For example, if you’re adapting a video game or novel series to a board game or television show,  you often cannot include all the characters, as the latter mediums by necessity require less complication. 1,169 more words