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If you don't study, "You shall not pass!"

Gandalf reminds kids that they need to study to do well at school in the only way he knows how.

In case it is not already clear, Sir Ian McKellen is an international treasure. 17 more words

Movie Reviews

The Importance of Made Up Maps

I’m currently making my way through Margaret Atwood’s In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imaginationa book devoted to, in large part, examining the history and psychology of science fiction as much as her own creation of it.   394 more words


Behold! You Are Come to Cerin Amroth! (And Look! There's Dol Guldur!)

Even before having his blindfold removed, Frodo was enamored by Lothlorien. But once he could see, so much of it came flooding over him. This was done by direct order from Galadriel herself. 1,399 more words

Treasures In The Dark: A Shipful Of Monsters

There is ‘being on one’s own’ and there is ‘being alone’ and they are as different as Earl grey and Assam I’m afraid.

Time on one’s own can be healing, restorative – a true blessing and a genuine need. 1,514 more words

A Cosplay világa

Akiknek nem ismerős még a cosplay jelentése, azoknak eme cikk után kicsit felnyílik majd a szeme. A cosplay nem más, mint egy jelmez gyakorlatilag. Beöltözősdi abba a karakterbe, akit meg szeretnél formálni. 5,085 more words


Edoras (English)

October 10th

Edoras, the capital of Rohan, Land of the Horse Lords.
A lonely mountain, set in a vast valley, a winding river flowing past, the Golden Hall on top visible from afar and the snow covered peaks of the White Mountains in the distance. 1,296 more words


I Was A Crybaby

I’m not sure why, but I used to cry a lot as a kid. But crying as a kid is normal, right? Yes, but one might say, if he were a mean and hateful person, that I was a crybaby. 659 more words