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Ralph Fiennes

If he hasn’t cast a spell over you yet, he will by the time you see how he slow dances.

We can’t see him but we know he’s there, fine in his dinner suit, brooding on the sidelines, watching her spin around the floor with another man, a man who isn’t her husband. 3,295 more words

Let Us Now Praise Handsome Men

Dumbledore is a Dick.

So it’s my first blog post on here, figured I needed some content. This is purely for all the random bullpoop that goes on in my head in hopes that some of it, if any, entertains someone other than myself. 588 more words

Albus Dumbledore

Travel Snapshot: The Big Room, Harry Potter Studios, Watford

Those familiar with Lord Voldemort will be very familiar with this.

Alex Raphael


I am tired.  I am tired of feeling.  I am tired of not feeling.  I am tired of caring and tired of not caring.  I can’t seem to figure myself out these days.   186 more words

Lord Voldemort

Poker Face (That's What She Said)

In 2012, I wrote a screenplay about a girl who starts an underground casino on the Princeton campus in order to pay for her suddenly scholarship-less senior year. 1,211 more words

the Cave

I see the fear in their eyes…

Sss, sss, when the snakes sisses for them.



Gaming Can Increase Social Behavior

Video games have gotten a bad rap, perhaps unfairly. Critics have blamed them for desensitizing players toviolence and for making gamers more prone to violent… 88 more words