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The One That Got Away...

You hear stories like this all the time..about the man or woman who slipped out of someone’s life, whether from their own mistakes, mis-read signals or a little push from fate. 2,518 more words

Another 10 Villains Who Fell To Their Deaths

Villains are everywhere. They appear in movies, books, cartoons and even in real life. They plot, scheme and kill, harming the hero and those with him or her for their personal gain. 1,226 more words

Movies & TV

The Key to a Great Story - 'The Tragedy' Plot

Tragedy is not a plot line that I have ever personally experimented with, perhaps because when I create my characters I fall in love with them.  643 more words


My Lord

I know many Christians that serve God because they know he is powerful and that he is going to win. They don’t seem to particularly like him. 463 more words

Harry Potter

A long time back when the Harry Potter craze was everywhere I had bought the HP book set. It was finally this past month that I found the time to read them. 1,444 more words


Lord Voldemort - Camilleathome

Cosplayer: Camilleathome
Character: Lord Voldemort
From: Harry Potter