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How is the Christian to Observe the Sabbath?

The issue of the Sabbath Day has caused quite a debate within the Christian church. For covenant theologians, for instance, the perpetuity of the moral law is a transtestamental reality. 2,117 more words

Lord's Day

Semi-Regular Sabbath Rant

I made mention in the monthly pastoral letter that one of the peculiar things about the current cultural climate (which is a climate change I could get behind, but I digress) is the way in which the doctrine of the Lord’s Day is mocked, derided, and just flat out despised in Christian circles. 493 more words

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The Sabbath and Man’s Chief End

The Sabbath principle has at its very heart (in terms of its application), man’s chief end, in other words, the purpose for which man was made. 836 more words

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Book Review of “Slavery, Sabbath, War & Women” by Willard M. Swartley

Book Review of “Slavery, Sabbath, War & Women” by Willard M. Swartley

We all read the same Bible, yet sometimes we approach certain topics with presuppositions that affect our approach to discovering the true meaning of applicable texts. 1,439 more words

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New Covenant Theology Critiqued: Great Resources

These are two outstanding sermons critiquing New Covenant Theology. They both delve into scripture and history.

1.) Dr. James M. Renihan “New Covenant Theology”

2.)Dr. Sam Waldron “Law and New Covenant Theology”

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Beautiful Day

I really wish I could say that I finished everything on my list from yesterday but I didn’t! I am finishing up with those things today thankfully and getting some more done but man oh man. 154 more words


God's Door Host

If one wished to visit the most exclusive bars and night clubs in Miami Beach or Soho, one could not arrive at the posh club, open the door, and walk right in. 552 more words