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Proverbs 9

A friend of mine has the above image in her house.  She keeps it up year-round on her mantle and I love it!  

The opposition of wisdom and folly was stated at the beginning of chapters 1-9 and is maintained throughout the entire book. 130 more words

Bible Study

The Passion Of The Christ: Good Wednesday

I don’t have an ax to grind about when Christians commemorate the day Christ was crucified. In some ways, I think it’s odd that we do at all. 797 more words


Ushered In - Contemplations on Communion

The grandeur of a wide and sweeping palace on a summer night illumined by the beauty of a brilliant starry host, each tucked in with a blanket of navy wrapped beautifully around them. 622 more words

When Transfer Became a 2 Way Street

On the cross, Jesus bore our sins.  All of them.  God, being timeless, heaped all the sins of all mankind, from past, present and future, on His one and only.  343 more words


Head Coverings and a Consistent Biblical Hermeneutic

For this commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach. (Deut 30:11)

A Simple and Consistent Hermeneutic… 1,390 more words


Mass of the Lord's Supper

To think of a three-day commemoration of the death of the Lord, his repose in the tomb and his resurrection, when it has become commonplace to speak of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday takes a little adjustment in our minds on how to calculate the time in such a way that we see the unity of the Triduum, and not disconnected celebrations. 1,072 more words


LISTEN: The Passover, the Communion, and the 4 Views, by Daniel Whyte III

Part 1:  

Part 2: 

Part 3: 

As many of you know, today is also Passover — the holiday on which the Jews commemorate their deliverance from Egypt. 4,561 more words