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Caroline's Star, Appendix: The Theory of Evolution of Theories

THIS IS POST 3 OF 3 IN THIS SERIES. The first contains the bulk of the documentable evidence and the second contains the tinfoil hattery of how I think Caroline’s Star occurred. 1,327 more words

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Caroline's Star, Part 2: Anatomy of a Catastrophe

THIS IS PART TWO OF THREE. In Part 1, I lay out the more firm evidence base the below conclusions are based on. Part 3 (coming tonight) is actually an appendix to the first two (see the * below) that explains the evolution of one of the theories in this document for aspiring tinfoilers. 2,567 more words

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A Quick Look at the Quest Purge the Fallen Shrine

One of my favorite areas in DDO is the Sands of Menechtarun, more commonly referred to simply as the “Desert”.  Their are a number of quests located in the Desert, including the three flagging quests needed to get to the Demon Queen: … 598 more words

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It’s meant, according to my favorite folklore, to go over the front door, not to dangle from an interior doorway. And the kissing is not meant to be the boy-girl kind. 304 more words

Grimm Pathfinder: The new tale of snow white

Here is a first of many posts based off my new campaign. The next few posts will be going more into depth on the plots in the campaign I am currently running. 724 more words


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Caroline's Star, Part 1: Phenomenal Cosmic Power (Itty Bitty Living Space)

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS POST ONE OF THREE. It covers the baseline facts that support my theorizing. Part 2 covers the actual theorizing and tinfoil hattery. 3,246 more words


Reverence and Respect for Womanhood

There are two people who I admire and love very much, my mother and my daughter.  My mother has been told numerous times that she was going to die but by the grace of God and LORE in life, naturally, she realized for her it was a choice. 251 more words