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Destiny Lore #2: Origins of the City

The City

Once more, thank you for reading a little bit more of Destiny Lore. As I mentioned in my last forum post, I will try to be as factual and accurate as possible. 967 more words


Forsaken Elves

Forsaken Elves

Forsaken elves – a name used for the remnants of the high elven race by outsiders- are a rare sight on Ghelspad, due to the fact that their primary home is on the continentof Termana. 348 more words


Who Am I?

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Who Am I is a popular ice-breaker game for groups.  Each person goes about the room asking yes or no questions until they think they know whose name is pinned to their back. 237 more words


Review: 'Ida' 9.15.14

“Ida” is yet another great example of the crop of European films that explore existential ideas during times of war that are shown through the eyes of young women. 559 more words

Lore sets the score # 1: The three

Thousands of planets endlessly float in the Zh’eev-Oth sector. Some too young to utter life, many too old to produce new sentient beings… but only three planets in their perfect age to make a difference in the vast cold universe. 538 more words


RIFT Posts More Lore + Part 2 of Exploring Goboro Reef

Trion have added in a “Tales of the Deep: The Fall of Gyel” as well as “Exploring Goboro Reef Part 2: Fortress of Flames” on the RIFT website. 236 more words