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Gilmore Girls: an in-depth analysis

Gilmore Girls is the best show ever made. No other TV show will ever live up to its standards. The other day, after watching the Pilot for the 500th time (Rory is so sweet in the first season!), and reading several essays from “Coffee at Luke’s: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest” I sat down and wrote down my thoughts on the show, ranging from why I love it to an analysis/discussion of the characters and themes on the show. 1,236 more words

The Men of Gilmore Girls

Sometime last May, I decided to start and finish watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls by the end of the summer and I have achieved that goal as of today! 1,059 more words


20 Times Rory Gilmore was the Worst

Like a surprisingly large number of twenty-somethings, I discovered the CW’s Gilmore Girls and fell in love. The fast-talking, high-stakes, dramatically funny series touched my heart. 1,199 more words

Life's Short, Talk Fast: My Favorite Gilmore Girls Episodes

I am currently enjoying my the first half of my vacation with my best friend, so I thought I would celebrate by talking about one of our shared favorite shows. 1,111 more words


Let's Talk About Text

You thought I meant texting! Ha, no. While I might peruse Straight White Boys Texting on a daily basis, I am also modest to a screaming fault and the only uncouth language in my textual relationships is my own sailor-on-shore-leave cursing. 258 more words

Fancy Book-Learnin'

The guy who buys me everything

I have a tendency to name inanimate objects. For years I’ve referred to my Dad’s silver 2008 Prius (the car I drive) as Sebastian. Mom’s car, a red Toyota Sienna minivan, is Gladys. 355 more words

Gilmore Girls