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11 Things Gilmore Girls Taught Me About Life

1. There is nothing wrong with being close to your mom.

My mom is my best friend and I will loudly proclaim it from any rooftop. 1,460 more words

Luke, Christopher or Max? – Gilmore Girls Pt. 1

This will be part 1 of two Gilmore Girls posts. This one will be focussed on the relationships of Lorelai Gilmore, while the second post will zoom in on Rory Gilmore’s relationships. 552 more words


REPOST: Why Gilmore Girls' Lorelai Gilmore is the Ultimate Feminist

So I just had to repost this article written by Rachel Simon from BUSTLE, significantly because it combines my love of Gilmore Girls with my passion for the feminist movement. 356 more words


I'm Gonna Follow

So I celebrated with the rest of the internet when it was announced that Gilmore Girls was finally, finally going to be available to stream on Netflix on October 1. 1,516 more words


15 Things Gilmore Girls Taught Me about "Best Friendships"

1. You have no problem telling each other everything.

2. And have no shame in asking or answering personal questions.

3. You’re honest with each other about everything. 164 more words


15 Most important life lessons, as told by Lorelai Gilmore.

  1. Coffee is a necessity to life.
  2. Car jam sessions are the best jam sessions. Even if you are alone.
  3. TV shows are more than just TV shows when you find the right one.
  4. 145 more words