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Life's Short, Talk Fast: My Favorite Gilmore Girls Episodes

I am currently enjoying my the first half of my vacation with my best friend, so I thought I would celebrate by talking about one of our shared favorite shows. 1,111 more words


Let's Talk About Text

You thought I meant texting! Ha, no. While I might peruse Straight White Boys Texting on a daily basis, I am also modest to a screaming fault and the only uncouth language in my textual relationships is my own sailor-on-shore-leave cursing. 258 more words

Anna Kendrick

The guy who buys me everything

I have a tendency to name inanimate objects. For years I’ve referred to my Dad’s silver 2008 Prius (the car I drive) as Sebastian. Mom’s car, a red Toyota Sienna minivan, is Gladys. 355 more words

Gilmore Girls

Stars Hollow Girl

For many years, I had weird relations with my dreams. For at least a decade, I did not remember them at all. Then, when I did, they frightened me. 720 more words