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Coming Down

Me and the family spent Saturday in Louisville for Wizard World’s Comicon.  It was such a great experience to share things that both Tony and I love, especially with the little guy.   236 more words

A Musing Monday - Walking Dead

In honor of last night’s season finale of the Walking Dead.

Which, now deceased, main character from The Walking Dead do you miss most?

Written by UnholyDarklotus

Spoiler Alert!

If you have not watched this yet and intend to or if you are not up to date with it, it is advisable you turn away as the list of deceased characters below will give away certain plots.

The Walking Dead


Zombies are big eaters.

It’s one of their defining characteristics.
They eat.
And eat.
And they don’t stop eating,
devouring, Life.

They find life, in the movies in human form, occasionally in animal form, and they consume it. 282 more words