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DogDaz Zoo: Grate Effect

(Source: ForGIFs.com, via the-absolute-best-posts)

Not sure why he did this other than to make sure that he did not hurt his back legs. Anyone have any ideas?  – DogDaz


Caturday: And the little one said...

At the zoo, if you get up, you are sure to lose your seat.  In this case, Sofie lost her bed to the Mini Cooper.  I am not sure that Louise was OK with the idea.   94 more words


The Hanukkah Conspiracy

 I walked out of my office and their was Sofie playing dreidel all by herself.  I figure that it must have been Mini Cooper who stole the gelt and the top from the Hanukkah table and threw them down to Sofie who was not exactly sure what to do with them so she brought them to me. 27 more words