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Vegan at Clover Juice- Los Angeles, CA

So Olie and I are begin open-minded about college and are deciding to rushhhhhh. But if you’re like us and have curly rats nests as hair, you realize that ‘looking presentable’ does not include keeping your hair curly. 270 more words


More Clarification

Last night over poke shooters, Earth flatbread, and a deconstructed s’more with a side of vanilla ice cream at The Grove, I told a friend of mine about my money issues and moving to LA. 81 more words




Alcoholics and addicts have innumerable things in common, one being that we are always in pursuit of an easier, softer way. Whether in day to day life, the process of getting clean, or even in recovery, we often search for quick painless shortcuts to get what we want, without putting in the footwork. 61 more words


Vegan at EVK (Everybody's Kitchen)- USC Campus, Downtown LA (CA)

Not gonna lie, even though I know los Angeles is the heart and city of vegan heaven, I was a little nervous that there wouldn’t be any vegan options in the cafeteria and that I would have to live the next year off of Lara Bars, Nugo Bars, and crackers (#thatveganlifedoe #whatwedoforanimals) but but but but but (#butt) the EVK has SO many delicious amazing vegan options (All labeled) I will def be there everynight for dinner!!! 250 more words


Vegan at Nobu- La Cienega, Los Angeles (CA)

Okay, so the night before we were shipped off to an institution that apparently can take you in as a child and spit you back out in 4 years as an adult (Its called college #shit #gottagrowup #butI’mAToysRUsKid #Awks #falseadvertising #gonnasue)  633 more words


Front-end Developer

My client is a hyperactive, economically charged, operational real estate company that is looking to hire extremely talented individuals to join their Technology Team. The real estate market is a 30 trillion dollar market here in the U.S. 149 more words