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Vegan at Coolhaus- Culver City, LA (CA)

So my fellow folk, did you know that sponteneity is the key to life? Not love, not money, not success- pure spontaneity. It’s the moments we least expect that we remember forever. 193 more words


Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles, CA

So ya know how i said i love Melrose? (No? Maybe you should start reading our blog….cough cough) Well, Larchmont is fuckin cool as well ! 371 more words



I don’t understand this hashtag. Gay is great. Not just ok.

Fun with type

I took a basics graphics class when I was at brooks, and we had to design images with type. It was actually a super fun project, and something everyone in our field should know the basics of. Here are my results!



After the dreaded 3 months I worked at jcp portrait studio, I swore to never shoot babies again. A few years later, I have found that babies can be adorable and quite creative to photograph.  22 more words


War Paint

I was always afraid of the word feminist.

I spent most of my awkward years in a state of Tomboy melancholy because I didn’t like the way my stomach would roll over the top button of my dickies. 864 more words


Mr. Scowly Face

The first date was at Fat Dog. Great little restaurant and bar on Fairfax. He wore a baseball hat. Indoors! And was moody. Just cancel a date if you’re in a bad mood. 91 more words