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Winter in Zanskar XII

So afterwards it seemed to have been quite some party with dancing of funny dressed people.

Danach schien es eine ziemliche Party gewesen zu sein mit vielem Getanze von lustig angezogenen Leuten. 6 more words

Winter in Zanskar XI

And then these ladies appeared on the photos of Stanzin Nidon. The children just commented, that it was “drama”, so just for fun. I didn’t get the chance yet to find out wether there is any further meaning in it. 39 more words

Winter in Zanskar X

Stanzin Nidon was really our best documentary photographer of Losar-festivities. Here it continues in the dark with dances outside and later people went inside to continue celebrations. 65 more words

Winter in Zanskar IX

Apart from inside-dancing it seems to be also on another day some outside-dancing. For this we have boys and girls together. The first set of photos is from Stanzin Nidon from Langmi, the second again from Stanzin Dawood from Youlang. 40 more words

Winter in Zanskar VII

For Losar, the zanskari New Year, one needs something that sparkles and makes cracking noises. As they don’t have crackers etc., they have to take what nature gives and that is called Metho. 91 more words