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chasing fog

I can not explain why the Universe did not select me yesterday. I did doubt I was onto a winner considering the prior weeks events… 349 more words

Letters To Maria


may 15

so i had a dream about girl7, and thankfully i am not as Sad now as I could be. so I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for a marathon i was participating in to start (!!!!!!!) and then girl7 came up to me out of nowhere and starting talking about how happy she was and how successful career was and how she was back in grad skool to advance her career even more, and the kicker was, she was focusing on tons math right now, tons and tons of math, she was doing “vector analysis” and then I asked her, “is that after DE” and she said yes, and I said bbbbut I thought vectors were standard calc 3, multivariable calculus, and nothing more, and she said WELL YES, they get INTRODUCED in calc 3 at a very plebe rudimentary level, but the real work of course requires a separate advanced course that you take well after DiffEq. 892 more words

God - The perfect loser.

It is hard to imagine the creation process of the entire universe was tiresome task for God. But God still spend six days to create everything. 632 more words

eyes that know me

We lost another family member over the weekend, hence my absence. Yet another soul retired and forever lost to me. It has become an unbearable and unthinkable thought to suddenly lose something that has become so dear to me; family. 235 more words

Letters To Maria