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GENERAL: Obrigado e Adeus!

Well well well, there we have it! At long last, we can finally bring our World Cup 2014 blog to a close. Every step of the way, starting from the early 30 man squad announcements all the way up until the present day, we’ve been here bringing you coverage not only just throughout the duration of the tournament but both before and after. 252 more words


Family affairs...

So I’ve just finished a hard days work in the blazing heat. 22 children again today, all moaning about how hot it is and not wanting to do anything themselves… … 204 more words

Slimming World

No way… I can’t believe it… You’ve got to be kidding me… THIS is what life is all about? For real?!

Well… I was all prepared to come here today and announce the end of the Dr. Loser blog experiment. I’d had enough. Sure, it was… 1,476 more words


“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.”
- Lori Deschene

HOW?? How can I start?

On another note, I am a total loser.

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when doves cry

The christening, thankfully is long gone and though I foresaw perilousness, what I hadn’t predicted was the precise doomsday location. It turns out I needn’t have feared those bitchy, whilom friends of mine. 1,013 more words

Letters To Maria

music monday: stay high

I find myself longing for heartbreak, craving a distinctive ache, unlike the mundane sufferings that refuse to alleviate their relentless, tortuous brace. They have plagued and prolonged their stay and I covet such sadness because to me, despair of such ferocious depth and calibre equates to adoration of some sort; romance and an actual love that was never just one-sided. 292 more words

Letters To Maria

No Scrubs

No Scrubs by TLC. Need I say more? I ended up having to pay for *Steve’s car, not to mention furniture, etc. He also wanted me to work full time, look after Max, cook, wash, clean, etc, whilst he chilled out at home. 671 more words