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Chafing labels

A contributory factor in my loss of faith was a sense that my understanding of the Christian faith was changing and that I no longer felt comfortable with the labels that described the brand of Christianity I belonged to… 606 more words

Losing Faith

I think I'm getting old...

We went out to Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown last night to see Yung Lean (Dylan is a fan, I could not care less). While we were there I remembered why I don’t like going out very often, people. 220 more words

Vancouver Life


We are all so lost.

The disjointed matter of our souls doth crack withal

And i’ the face of blessed time our marrow spoils and dies… 128 more words

Johnathan Schofield

How I Left

My journey out of the church is an interesting one…to me. I don’t assume that it will be of much interest to anyone else, which is why I haven’t bothered to advertise this blog. 3,075 more words

Leaving The Church

Why I Left

Leaving the Mormon church is a complicated thing. It isn’t the sort of thing one does flippantly or without repercussion. It is usually done after a lot of soul-searching (my soul-searching resulted in the realization that the very idea of a soul is both ridiculous and unsupportable by reason) and study. 1,156 more words

Book Of Mormon

Fire from heaven.

It’s been a literal hell of a couple days.  Everyone who is closeted has fear of coming out because they think their situation is uniquely painful for those around them.   112 more words


Entering the Closet

Passion for Christ was an understatement – my relationship with Him was everything.  Everything.  He was my motivation for life, for death.  For making healthy choices, for becoming the most solid, well-rounded, compassionate person I could be.  495 more words