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Clutching the edges of the mirror I screamed in silence.
I see you, I know you are there! Show yourself.
Grief welled up inside as my swollen heart constricted; expelling ache in… 219 more words

Poetry By Corrina


Losing someone who is near you is difficult. It’s painful, it makes your heart ache. Seeing that person everyday, you’re still able to communicate with eye contact, body language and so on. 282 more words

Losing someone without losing yourself

Editor, Jared Torgerson

Everyone deals with grief differently, and the grief of losing a
parent is something that words can’t describe. Losing that person in… 999 more words


Losing Someone

Sometimes I hear the phrase “it takes a community to raise a child.” And there are so many ways that I agree with that. Community is very important. 659 more words

Don't Pass Me By

She hugs you. Turns around. Her back is turned to you. She starts walking slowly. You know that  this is it. It’s over. Your time together has come to an end. 737 more words


Silence Speaks Louder Than Words: Two Voice Poem

Speaker 1:                                          Speaker 2:

Hey!!                                                   Hey!!

Movie date?                                        Movie date?

Of course!                                           Of course!

Which movie?

You choose!

Harry Potter Marathon?

Hell yes!                                               Hell yes! 215 more words


You are a treasure and deserve to be treated as such.