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Silence Speaks Louder Than Words: Two Voice Poem

Speaker 1:                                          Speaker 2:

Hey!!                                                   Hey!!

Movie date?                                        Movie date?

Of course!                                           Of course!

Which movie?

You choose!

Harry Potter Marathon?

Hell yes!                                               Hell yes! 215 more words


You are a treasure and deserve to be treated as such.


Ich liebe dich.....

I see love around me and,
I miss you
I see those lucky couples
who start their own life together and,
I think how unfortunate, I am… 233 more words

Life Is About Trusting Your Feelings

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings. Not being afraid to take chances. It’s about losing and finding special people and learning to value all the memories you have, good or bad. 17 more words



Won’t let him call her first thing in the morning anymore

Or tell her everything she means to him every day.

It won’t let him text her how beautiful he thinks she is… 85 more words


My Worst and Best Summer

I wonder if I even know how to write about music anymore. Can it be a lost art? Are my fingers now rigid from lack of motivation? 908 more words


That's it!

I’m afraid to fall in love or lust again, I’m scared that if I lose one more person close to me I might not be able to pick my self up, I’ve spent over 2 years trying to do it this time around. 52 more words