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to lose someone

Do you really lose anyone? I mean, they break your heart, walk away, and never see them again. Does this mean that you lost them? 157 more words


all is undelightful, bland in fact

it hurts deeply that you are gone

all is undelightful, bland in fact

I do not find myself prepare breakfast

the ones that we cherished so much… 93 more words


My Grandpa

My Grandpa was full of love and laughter, He knew just how to make us smile.

He always collected things that didn’t matter much, but somehow turned them into a priceless gift. 326 more words

Drops of Jupiter

It’s become this big elephant in the room. Everyone’s thinking it, just no one wants to be the one to say it. And the good days, how rare they’ve become, are ones we celebrate. 429 more words

A Picture and A Poem 2

// Adventures into Thin Air //

You are safe in clouds, surrounded and full,
Souring over mountains, teasing pines below.
Not of this earth; you are embers, fiery red and gold. 122 more words



Clutching the edges of the mirror I screamed in silence.
I see you, I know you are there! Show yourself.
Grief welled up inside as my swollen heart constricted; expelling ache in… 219 more words

Poetry By Corrina


Losing someone who is near you is difficult. It’s painful, it makes your heart ache. Seeing that person everyday, you’re still able to communicate with eye contact, body language and so on. 282 more words