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01/26/2015 Food I ate

Snow snow snow. Right now it’s snowing like crazy outside.

Hope the roads don’t get frozen tomorrow morning…

Breakfast: Gamjatang again, with kimchi. This time I took picture of it :-) 44 more words


01/26/2015 Work-out

Taekwondo for Monday work-out.

It was a good start.

C u tmr.


01/26/2015 My weight

Oh man…weekend…always kills me…

Well, it should go be to normal within couple days, though…hopefully…

C u tmr.


01/25/2015 Food I ate

Sunday. Snowy day. I heard that there was a terrible blizzard in the east coast. Hope everyone is okay.

Breakfast:¬†Plain yogurt with slices of banana and blueberry… 53 more words


01/25/2015 Work-out

Went to gym to swim today.

Did 11 laps in 25 mins.

That complete’s this weeks work-out.

C u tmr.


01/25/2015 My weight

That’s right dawg!!

Mission accomplished!

C u tmr.


Day 40

Those of you who are still starting your journey into health, just know, some days it’s gets easier, some days, you feel like it’s day one. 182 more words

Losing Weight