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Slimming World Update - Week 54


What’s been happening this week people? Anything interesting?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in paint, plaster and pieces of skirting board. The bedroom is finally plastered, painted and looking fab. 820 more words

Slimming World

ten tips for conquering hunger the Old Bag way

Hunger is the inevitably consequence of losing weight… or rather, to phrase it differently (because you should) FEELING LESS FULL. The Old Bag knows that if you eat less you are hungrier, unless you curl up in a heap under your duvet and hibernate – which is quite attractive by the end of October. 880 more words


Biggest Loser Competetion- Complete

When I first started my blog I made a post about my job doing a Biggest Loser Competition, you can read it here: http://walkingmywaytoskinny1.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/biggest-loser-competition/

Anyway, we started with 7 girls, then dropped down to five within the first few weeks and at the end there are only 2 of us standing. 226 more words

Can I have a redo please?

These past almost 2 weeks have been absolutely horrible. To make a long story short here’s what happened: we had a death in the family, I found out someone I thought was my friend wasn’t, there is a ton of drama at work right now, we have corporate big wigs coming in the next few weeks and have been preparing for them and it has been one big mess after another, I have been working a ton, in the midst of all this I was on my period as well (tmi, don’t care) it was just one thing after another. 72 more words

Friday Dish: Calorie Count

This month’s blog postings will be a mix of things, including writing since this is kind of a blog about my writing too, but this month I’m spending a little time with weight loss. 502 more words

Friday Dish

Weighing in - July

I can’t believe I’m about to report this but guess what the scale read just a few days ago? 130 lbs. Yup, I finally hit it. 402 more words


July 31st.. All you can do is the best you can.

When you’ve done that, there is satisfaction..

So here I am about to post my number.. Am I really ready to show it to the world… Am I really ready to put my self out there. 100 more words

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