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I'm dying slowly and painfully

What happened to the girl I loved? The thunder, the laughing smiling girl with crazy ideas who loved life? I wonder where she is, did she get on the city bus and is now miles away? 304 more words


Once upon a life

Once upon a life, I knew how to choose men who will love you back.
In that life, I knew how to knit wounds into perfect comforters. 294 more words


4 Ways To Find Yourself After You've Lost Your Way

Some say that your experiences and decisions in life can either make you or break you. I’ve found that most often, what breaks you IS what makes you. 644 more words


I am struggling these days…struggling to focus on myself. For some people, this is an easy, automatic thing to do. For me though, it’s hard. 1,359 more words

"Don't lose yourself..."

This quote honestly leaves me speechless. I know that it’s hard to imagine losing everything you’ve come to know if you let go of someone else, but if you have already lost yourself holding on to them, there isn’t much more to lose, but only to gain.

The blame game: why you need to give up the game

Remember when you were younger and you would break something and blame it on another sibling or your imaginary friend? I definitely gave this a whirl several times with my older brother! 633 more words