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When it comes to money, all of us wIsh we had more. We want to be rich in order to feel secure, to buy fancy items, to travel, to give back to the community, etc ( the list can go on and on). 341 more words


I am

I am dead
In a life that I yearned after for so long
Desperately hoping for an end
But clinging so to the picture my heart has created… 97 more words

Life/Love/Everything Else


You would think it would be so easy right?

Answer the question…

 So what are your dreams? Your deepest desires? What is your vision?


I should know that, right?   213 more words

Thirty is SO old (Sarah's Sunday Huddle)

When I was a little girl, bedtime was imagination time. After my mom tucked me in, my mind would take me to all kinds of places. 65 more words


get lost

When I went to the store the other day, I almost bought a necklace that read, “get lost.” To some people, the phrase is an insult, like “go away,” but I don’t read it that way. 598 more words


Stop Ignoring Yourself....

Every woman loses herself…whether married, dating, having kids, or even just being single. You want to know how you unconsciously do it? Our life has us busy keeping up with trends. 379 more words

When the world crashes around you

I never thought I started this blog to bore you with my problems. I thought what a neat way to say all the weird things I think and maybe someone will read them agree and the weird me becomes normal or maybe no one reads and I get all this out for me. 290 more words