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When the world crashes around you

I never thought I started this blog to bore you with my problems. I thought what a neat way to say all the weird things I think and maybe someone will read them agree and the weird me becomes normal or maybe no one reads and I get all this out for me. 290 more words

The next chapter of my life


I’ve finally succeeded in losing my mind..almost!!?
The fright inside my head
I know not who I am… 258 more words

Within The Labyrinth Of The Lost

Well Mom, some weight or anxiety, or something, has lifted.  Some facet of my inner workings opened a window, and released the hounding obsession of this silly last entanglement I found myself within. 670 more words

Letters To Mom

Used Toys

You broke me. I want to scream and punch and hurt you as much as you’ve hurt me. Look at me! A fraction of the whole I used to be since you ripped me open. 258 more words

Farewell to Wide-Eyed Pleasantries

Boyhood charm
Was taken with ease
By teenage tribulation

It was wrung dry
In his lifelong climb
As he clamored, for Everest
To claim it’s majesty… 36 more words


The Only True Way to Lose Yourself in Love

There is a saying that has become popular lately that goes “Don’t lose yourself trying to love someone else.”  On its face, it is a valid and poignant comment.  864 more words


"On Losing Yourself"

‘Oh, that’s the great puzzle.

Some days you wake up and ask one of two questions:

(1) Who am I? 

(2) Who will I be today?

176 more words