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Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

So despite finding out I had walking pneumonia yesterday, I had quite an amazing day. Why was it amazing you ask? Because I was at peace, that’s why. 165 more words


The Greatest Tragedy The Past Few Weeks

When the smoke begins to clear in another seemingly mild bout of mania, you’re left with just one word in your mind: “fuck.”

Anxiety over the impulsivity of spending sprees start to settle in. 390 more words

Manic Depression

You Caught The Light

You changed me.
I was still me but I still felt guilty.

I knew your path wasn’t for me but I still wandered down it anyway. 56 more words

A Dose Of Honesty

Losing or Loving Yourself

I watched this movie the other night, and it got me thinking. Have any of you seen Don Jon? I felt somewhat intrigued to watch it, mainly to see what interested him in porn so much , not because I’m a porn addict, to be honest I’m not fond of it. 596 more words

Don Jon

19 and Stupid

“Once you turn nineteen, you turn stupid.”

- My homeroom teacher

It was my senior year, so I was seventeen and terrified. My teacher stood up at the podium in front of pretty much the entire student body for his daily lecture and he told us that when we turned nineteen, for just one year (hopefully), we would turn stupid.

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Lead me

Lead Me To The Cross“  Hillsong United

Savior I come
Quiet my soul remember
Redemption’s hill
Where Your blood was spilled
For my ransom… 534 more words


Be careful not to lose yourself, while raising your children

As a mother, it is a challenge to see myself outside the scope of a parent. I almost cannot remember my life without my daughters.  It seems as if I have been raising children my entire life!   593 more words