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How to detect a Parasite in your life before it Poisons you?

1. The parasite will make you question yourself. Doubt in your life choices. Sure, we need some people to shake us up when we are doing things detrimental to our health. 176 more words


Sinking Pt. 2

I still feel like I’m sinking, sinking so far into depression that nothing or no one will be able to save me.It’s gotten deeper, way deeper, like this sinking hole has drilled itself all the way to China.  412 more words

Flow, My Favorite Non-Feeling

Flow. It’s not just a character on a sitcom called Alice. It refers to the sense of getting totally absorbed and losing yourself in an activity. 330 more words


Losing Our Way

We lose ourselves, our worlds.
It’s so easy to do.
Getting lost is no different than losing sight of oneself.
I look up at the sky so intently that I forget I’m walking. 98 more words



Drip. There it is – can you hear it? Drip. It’s a leak, there’s a leak in the pipes somewhere, god knows where. I can’t seem to find it. 290 more words


Musings: Hiding beneath the layers

One of the most satisfying things about weight loss is getting back into clothes you could no longer squeeze yourself into and watching the numbers inside said clothes get smaller. 818 more words

Weight Watchers


Life is filled with colour it’s not black and white the way we thought it would be in high school.  The heartbreak and disappointment that we sometimes feel is going to kill us and yet we are still alive writing our story into our personal history books.  1,256 more words

College Student