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The Things that Do and Don't Add Up

Thirty divided by two equals fifteen. Fifteen plus fifteen equals thirty. Fifteen subtracted from thirty is fifteen.

This is simple math. The kind that you don’t have to think about. 976 more words


The Ghost of Thanksgivings Past

As I sit here circa 8pm on Thanksgiving evening of 2014, I contemplate holidays past and history that I didn’t even exist in as of yet. 970 more words


Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

On this day last year, my boyfriend was out of town, so me and Heidi and my vicious kitty, Ninny Muggins spent the morning together. 357 more words


erasable ink

The worst thing lately is that I forget. I knew this day would come. I have lost other important people in my life, and have forgotten them. 328 more words



Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Normally holidays are a happy, busy time.  A time where family and friends are together, taking a breath from the chaos that is daily life. 435 more words


The bully in the school yard.

When my youngest son was in the fifth grade, there was another boy at school that was bothering him and some other kids on a daily basis. 250 more words


To Think of you.

I went somewhere beautiful to think of you,

And all the beautiful things we were going to do.

It feels like forever since i saw your face, 46 more words