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Rockabye Baby

When Riley was a toddler he fell asleep in the oddest places. Being the third child he had to, I suppose. I was busy running around with two other children who had to be at grade school  and preschool and be picked up at different times.   761 more words


NY Med Episode Shows Pain of Miscarriage

Amid the gun shot victims, violent patients, life-and-death heart surgeries and general mayhem, I was pleased to see a story on last week’s NY Med episode… 258 more words


snow and rainbows

There have been so many rainbows this spring and summer. And we had way more snow than usual this past winter. I love snow and rainbows. 283 more words


Just dust lives here now

Where does a gentleman gain his strength
after his heart has been broken?
There is no lover, nor little one to hold
This heart and hands. 86 more words

why didn't I...?

Why didn’t I just stay home? Why didn’t I just listen? Why didn’t I just turn around when I knew I should have? Why didn’t I just pay more attention to how he was feeling? 93 more words


Dear Mama

I have another adoption update post ready to go but a few days ago a friend of mine suffered a tragic loss.  I haven’t been able to get it out of my head or her and her family out of my heart.  1,060 more words