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When loss births new life {part 1}

Ironically, my Pete’s final days were riddled with reminders of new life.

Just weeks before he went home, I was encouraged to summon his friends and family to say their final goodbyes. 568 more words


Hour of Confession

The hour of confession has arrived:
All but my broken heart has survived
The changing seasons in our lives.

We promised to take it day by day… 204 more words


A dark kind of retribution...(edited)

An innocent man though charged was he
For crimes so vile too despicable to bear
But sentenced to servitude indefinite
Behind dark bars his now wasted life. 113 more words


Poem: Sunset in the Woods

Sunset in the Woods

Late, late in the day
the sun reflects off the lake
and greens the landscape
in a hopeful light,
rich, green, full of color, 62 more words

Dear Friends of Waiting Adoptive Moms: Some Things to Know (Also, We're Sorry)

I came across the below article last week and thought it was perfect in relaying how I feel these days. While the article talks about international adoption more so than domestic infant adoption, a lot of the things are still very much my daily life. 2,697 more words


Frozen Inside

I shouldn’t be phased by this numbness,
by this lack of emotion.
Most people would be distraught or in full rage
to discover that their lover of five years has moved on. 279 more words


Don't Leave

‘Like time suspended,
A wound unmended -
You and I.
We had no ending,
No said good-bye.
For all my life I’ll wonder why.’

– Lang Leav

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