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Short Thought 93 (loss)

When someone dies – maybe the more so when they are sick first and then die – and there’s all the stuff to do, with hospitals, funeral homes, church services, memorials, travel, lodgings, and luncheons, it can feel like time drags on and on and you might wish it would all just be over already. 42 more words


Lost ships...

She sits alone with her ancient thoughts
she’s sat till she’s covered in grime
she never moves from her rocking chair
she just wiles away the time. 177 more words


Poem: Ice Walk

Ice Walk

Ice has covered the world,
stilled it, paralyzed each reed
and blade of grass,
frozen the ponds,
silenced the wind.

It has won, 174 more words

I'm Moving On

I wanted love so bad
that I made you believe
that what I wanted was
us together,
us forever…
and now I want to leave! 119 more words

Gay Poetry

I recognize you are a man of few words.
Mathematical. Linear.
Show your work.
Black. White.

But there are things you need to know. 569 more words

Cesar Hernandez


I wish I could be celebrating this birthday with you.
I had thought about it since I chose our wedding day of  10.12.14

12.13.14… 12 more words