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Empty Chairs and Broken Hearts

Currently, I am reading a book which speaks to me like no other since Devastation Day. It is taking me forever to get through it because a) I have lost my ability to read a book normally — no seriously, grief has overtaken that part of my brain, so I typically listen to audio versions and b) every chapter in this book makes me pause and think or leads to a compassionate cry. 986 more words


11 months

Today marks 11 months of life without you in it. It doesn’t seem possible that I could survive this long, but somehow I have. I guess this marks the end of counting months and from here forward we will count the years. 150 more words


It’s a 8 letter word that should not be used lightly. “You’re a strong person, I don’t know how u do it” are words I hear all the time. 218 more words

Loss Of A Child


Heroes was a writing prompt I always hated. I’m just not the kind of person who places people on a pedestal. My mom was my hero all of my life but I refused to recognize her as such because she was flawed. 1,510 more words

Time does not heal all wounds....

I am sorry to say but it is true.  It may lessen, you may feel as if you are in control (haha) but it does not heal.   132 more words


Jaies Public Facebook Page

If anyone is in Facebook and would like to follow more information there here is the link to Jaies page.



People Just Don't Know What To Say ...

Phone rings; I answer (which I rarely do unless it is someone I know)…

Me: Hello (darn, why did I answer this call).

Them: Hello, this is blah blah. 784 more words