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Once again, smelling the Roses

Now I’m just getting downright lazy! 😃 I slept 9 straight hours last night. Not dreams, that I remember, not once did I wake and look at the clock. 192 more words


Preston Edward Draper, July 19, 1983 – December 20, 2006.  The simple yet profound mark between his birth and death is known as the dash.  Its intention is clear and to the point, it denotes the space between the beginning and the end – determined by how we live our life…our dash.   247 more words


Life Goes On...With Or Without Me

One of my first lessons on life after Aaron’s death was a simple one. That life goes on…with or without us. We can choose to get off the merry-go-round called life or we can continue to live our lives even though at times we feel like robots just going through the motions without emotion, desire or the will to live. 591 more words


How reasonable is it to expect family and Pastoral staff to be supportive?

A question was posed by a gal on While We’re Waiting. The answers were profound!

QUESTION: How reasonable is it to expect family and Pastoral staff to be supportive after the death of a child?

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Happy birthday angel

A year ago today at 5:15am Bryce was born. I do not ask for anything but I ask today that you give your children hugs and kisses. 44 more words

Loss Of A Child

Forever Changed

Every day serves as a reminder of how much my life has changed. First of all, Amy is missing from our world which makes me weep from the deepest place in my heart which seems to be reserved for a loss of a child. 874 more words


Finally some sleep.

I apologize for the really crappy post the last couple of days. Unfortunately as I have said before, I have no control over my emotions. Some days I think things are finally leveling out then BAM! 230 more words