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farewell, old soulmate.

I am sorry, stranger: I think I might have missed the opportunity to love you. Someone I never even had the chance to meet. How unfortunate it feels. 318 more words

Old Soul

The Way That It Is

I shall never ask anyone to forgive,

Me, for telling it, The way that it is.

If anyone is expecting me to put a stop before the start, 435 more words


Spaghetti sans meatball with eggs ...

I remember asking my doc before the hysterectomy, What happens when the uterus is gone … is there a big space?  Apparently this analogy is quite common: the uterus is the meatball and the intestines are like spaghetti … once the meatball is gone the spaghetti fills in the space.   85 more words


And Then She Fell Out Of Love

She was a fierce lover because she gave in the whole of her. She kept no secrets, she hid nothing, she bared it all, but she had no clue that it was the exact way which would bring her the most hurt… 474 more words

A Shade Of Pen

Oh NO!

Owkay, i do realize that it’s been a really long time since i’ve been blogging… So i’ll give you an update on how i’ve been doing the past couple of weeks (i think it’s been three weeks… :s) 302 more words

In the World (Where Are You)

Where are you in the world?
What’s your day like?
Are you happy or sad?
Will you sing a song
Or cry a tune?

Where are you in the world? 19 more words


Deep Collective Sadness (published first on LunarMoondae)

I sat with this a Moonth before writing.
I have just begun to talk to Mitchell about two waves of sadness I feel in recent years. 386 more words