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“Ending’s" happen for a reason… Grieve, but let them.

When a relationship ends we fear we will never have the experience or feel the same again, be alone, empty, and all “love” eventually ends… Sadness, grief, and loss are natural and an important part of healing and moving forward, it also tests our faith. 112 more words

Relationships - Love


Most of us have heard of the Japanese tradition of kintsugi, where broken pottery is repaired with gold, the idea is to get across that breakage and repair is part of the history of an object, and becomes more interesting and beautiful because of it. 251 more words


Bind Me Ever So Lightly

I have not lost one, but two.
My thoughts tend to obsess
Over their characteristics.
Both ever so bold,
Both ever so independent.
I wanted to be the one, 88 more words

Goodbye Gracie

In 2007 a colleague of mine complained about a dog.  “She’s unable to potty train.” she said. “She constantly goes in the house, and poops under my son’s bed!”.   1,392 more words


The remains

He sat staring at the mound of black and white photographs, trying to piece together the fragments of his life. Surely there must be an answer somewhere in these remains. 246 more words

Writing Prompt

What is the Harris-Benedict equation

Francis Gano Benedict, maker of the Harris-Benedict equation with James Arthur Harris

    As I explained in this article, you need to be on a caloric deficit to lose weight. 506 more words


Saturday Night in the Parsonage...

A sad and lonely blog post, do not read any further. Rather go to a happy blog tonight… Go to the Photography or Travel Categories instead…  481 more words