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Forsake and Forget: Emily's Lament

An offer of friendship

but that’s not enough

Out in the open

yes, I called your bluff

For you it’s not simple

not simple as that… 130 more words



She sits alone,

under the moonlight.

Looking up at stars;

knowing that part of herself

is out there somewhere.

And missing it.

Wanting it to be restored to her. 51 more words



The hardest thing about grief, is that you are left behind, and required – sentenced, to carry on. It is a life sentence; one that you did not ask for. 170 more words


Taken By The Storm

This is perhaps the most personal post I will ever write. That being said, it is also one I feel very strongly about sharing. On this day, 6 years ago- my life changed forever. 640 more words

At the Office

My fear of loss has always made me very grateful for the things I have. In this case, I just want to express out loud.. or type to anyone who may be reading this how much I love my job. 244 more words

The Silent Treatment

Shared by Colin Corcoran Jr.

I know, you don’t even want to talk about this one. Seems like every marriage endures it share of these at times and they’re not always bad things. 927 more words


shadus713 reblogged this on Just Shad...like shadow, without the OH and commented:

Well put, I wish I'd never said the things I have to her out of anger. Or silent treatment, which was only me being weak and depressed and selfish. No excuse, like so many other things. I talk a big talk and say stupid man things as of late, like I don't care about my ex wife or it wasn't real, blah blah blah. Part of me does feel that way, but my heart does not. Silly and selfish I know, it's how I feel, no use denying. Signing the papers soon will be a very sad, horrible day for me, for us both. Too far gone now to come back around. My only disagreement with this piece is the comment about things being said out of anger are what one truly means. I don't believe that, words said in those moments are said out of hurt, and jealousy, and spite more times than not. A wretched defense mechanism that many of us humans have but would probably never admit to. Well, maybe just me. I get hurt, I stupidly hurt back. Still, no excuse either way for words said that cause pain, especially to those you love. This piece is very spot on in a lot of other areas though. Really great, heartfelt read.

Sorry for being absent today

Today has been a hard day for D1. One of her friend’s father lost his battle with leukemia today. Last year at this time, we lost my grandmother and aunt. 102 more words