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Motherless daughters.

I have no recollection of my mother the years before I left the United States at the age of three. I only remember parts of the flight to Madrid, and entering what would be my home for the next couple of decades. 344 more words


A Simple Solution for Quick Weight Loss

There are effective methods for losing weight quickly. Typically, a dieter will often use the formula of consuming fewer calories each day, in an effort to lose weight. 19 more words

You Ruined My Life

 Today I challenge you to write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. 

is this some kind of sick joke? am i being punked?   110 more words


A Profound Loss

I have been haunted  by something that I witnessed on my way to lacrosse practice yesterday.

My son had to be in Bangor at 10:30am so we were traveling down the highway with music playing and conversation… 267 more words


Accepting Absence and Doing The Best You Can

There comes a point in grief when you know that if you don’t move forward and get back to ‘normal’( which by the way has changed forever), You will stay in mourning and essentially carry a corpse who never asked to be carried. 630 more words

Early Spring Brought Sadness

Sorry to be so late with posts.

In February this year, a long-time family friend took ill.  She passed away in mid-March.  She left behind a wonderful son, who is a Marine.  168 more words

Rainbows in My Tear Drops

Once again, I’ve dug into my archives and found this little gem! It was written as a tribute to a child who was in a terrible auto accident some years ago. 130 more words