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The lost generation

We are those they now call the lost generation
Not those who came of age during World War One
But those suffering because of the recession… 222 more words


Generation TBD

Manuel (22) neither studies nor works. Galaroza, Aracena region, Spain.

The Virtual Dilemma.

You’d think you’re the only person going through internal warfares with your conscious and subconscious mind but let me tell you that its not that simple. 287 more words

My Story

Never Mind the Bollocks

Degrees: Pay More, Earn Less

This was the headline of yesterday’s Metro. Between 2007 and 2012, students in the UK have seen their tuition fee rise to an average of £9,000 annually, while their salary upon graduation  has decreased because of an increasingly competitive job market. 542 more words

United Kingdom

Generation TBD

After he was laid off from the ship building business and couldn’t find a job in years, David decided to stay when others left. He now dedicates his time to the land in -paradise- Covas, Galicia, Spain.

Juan Herrero

Generation TBD

Roberto and Brandán (24 and 19) bike in front of the Navantia shipbuilding compound, where fired workers have hung their uniforms in protest. Roberto works as a lumberjack because he couldn’t find a job related to his studies. 18 more words

Juan Herrero

Graduates in Canada - A ‘lost generation’ really ?

Statistics Canada released the first data from the new National Graduates’ Survey. To put it mildly, this new data blows both of those narratives out of the water. 277 more words

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