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Lost Generation

This generation, my generation, these adolescents trapped in adult bodies, these ever flowing minds encaged in the cubicle that is growing up-this generation of starving artists that were taught they needed a back up plan- this population of creative geniuses that were hindered and harbored-that were forced to be sensible, to be realistic- this group of 20 somethings that are more lost than ever, that are more confused, more unhappy, more stable- the leaders that will shape the future, the teachers that will touch young minds, the business owners that will provide-all lost artists, musicians, writers- talent hidden in a three-piece suit, behind a desk, in front of a class- talent wasted- talent…that never had to be perfected or sharpened-never had to be leaned on for survival, never learned from failure-never failed, never flourished, rarely used- these back up plans, these survival instincts-these crutches that were forced upon us, forced us to believe there was another option- never flourishing-never knowing-talents lost


American literature: Which is the most prominent generation?

The Term first originated in Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Sun Also Rises’ (1926). He however credited the coining of the phrase to his mentor, Gertrude Stein, who had allegedly heard a garage owner shouting at a young boy “You are all a génération perdue!”; when retelling the story she used it to refer to all the young people who served in the war. 372 more words

English Language


There are the days you want to give up the moment you step out the door. For some of us they involve screaming babies about as easy to dress and force into winter jackets as rabid orangutans. 410 more words

The New "Lost" Generation

Note: My apologies for the length of this column. When torn between a desire for both brevity and thoroughness, I felt compelled to sacrifice the former in order to achieve the latter on a topic which is more personal than other subjects. 2,014 more words


The Lost Generation

2014 marks the centenary of the beginning of the First World War; for this reason the upcoming Remembrance Day commemorations seem to me to be all the more poignant. 757 more words



Nouvel article pour Riviera Buzz (New article for Riviera Buzz)

A tragic love story that still fascinates almost a century later, French author Renaud Meyer’s latest play Zelda and Scott is coming to the Riviera. 350 more words

French Riviera


Sorry everyone haven’t been feeling up to par lately.
I have to say though what is with all of the Christmas gear? As soon as Halloween ended it is like everyone forgot November existed and skipped to Christmas. 382 more words