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Sorry everyone haven’t been feeling up to par lately.
I have to say though what is with all of the Christmas gear? As soon as Halloween ended it is like everyone forgot November existed and skipped to Christmas. 382 more words



Waiting is at the center of many lives and jobs. The creative ones, anyway.

Cohorts of expectant writers, and other artists, have whiled away their time in bedsits, cafes and bars, doing nothing in particular in many places around the world. 675 more words

Author's Notes

On F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful and the Damned"

What do get when you put a shallow, narcissistic, entitled, lazy man in a room with a shallow, narcissistic, entitled, selfish woman? Now add classism, money (or the lack thereof), and a pinch of self-loathing. 898 more words

Book Review

Lost Generation – Original Poem

Every generation gets lost
In a maze of uncertainty and temptation frolicking at every turn, the collective pool of compassion must ignite us to find our way back… 185 more words


How Ebola is Transforming Education

The Ebola crisis in West Africa has impacted education in various ways; schools are closed, classes are canceled, and, as the New Internationalist identifies, there is a danger of the birth of a new Lost Generation, bereft of formal education. 398 more words

Connecting Education And Creativity

Book Review: 'Forbidden Cities' by Paula Morris

Three books in and I’m not finished my Morris-a-thon yet. I get a bit like that. At aged 7 it was Garfield. Aged 17 it was Plath. 416 more words


The Disillusionists

We’re the unhappy generation
Dead Quiet
hiding in the corners of our sophisticated minds 44 more words