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Imagination lost..

Yesterday I had to drive home from my uncles to help out with watching my little cousins. The boy is 6 and the little girl is 3. 218 more words


Finding that winning moment: There's no better feeling

There’s nothing better than watching your baseball team in October. It’s a feeling that may only last for a fleeting moment, but it’s a feeling that needs to be cherished when it is attained. 1,558 more words


Questionable future

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here. Not here on the “blog” but here in general. My home life is upside down crazy, I took a semester off school, my friends aren’t much friends these days, and my heart years to leave. 180 more words

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Lost Gen. 2.0

It was Tuesday evening when Leo woke up. He rolled over in his queen-sized mattress and was greeted by the sour breath of his fluffy, white dog. 1,854 more words

Short Story


I have often been accused of being aloof and sort of out of touch sometimes.  In fact, after a few years my one boss began making it a point of telling me things directly because I had built this reputation of “always being the last to know.”  After today I have decided that is an apt phrase to hang on me.  639 more words


Transcontinental Flight

A burning arc, reaching from the Orient to the New World,

Bisected by the man-made date line,

A bow and arrow, shot right through a vapor trail. 218 more words