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3.02 rewatch - "Lost Girl"

Although the second episode of Season 3 has a fight set-piece, “Lost Girl” feels like one of the season’s “quieter” episodes that could be mistaken for filler, but is an episode I like a lot. 1,507 more words


Almost became Succubus Bo!

I had a very interesting dream this morning that I thought my Lost Girl friends might get a kick out of, so I thought I would share it with you all. 1,137 more words

My Life

Reason #145 in the "Why I Haven't Been Writing" Category

I’ve been doing some other writing work that needed to get done before the end of August, but that’s not the real reason I’ve been away from my novel. 318 more words

Things that blow my mind

Hi all. I’ve been having a little case of insomnia lately. I don’t know if it’s the no work thing throwing me off or the excessive amount of eating and drinking coffee…but for some reason I cannot fall asleep at all these days (or nights). 948 more words


Well despite the Valerian tea and the early ish night I still didn’t sleep well, and still couldn’t wake up. Plagued by dreams and waking, and probably much tossing and turning.   223 more words


Lost Girl Season 5 Thoughts; Season 4 Mishaps

Lost Girl’s fifth season is quickly approaching wrap as the actors are filming the last few episodes of the 13-episode season. Kris Holden-Ried tweeted a black and white and noted that they were prepping to wrap episode 10 of 13 on July 30. 1,133 more words


Rest in Peace Robin Williams

Hook was my favorite movie as a kid. For those not familiar with this cinematic gem, it’s the tale of Peter Pan (played by Robin Williams) after he has grown up, started a family, and has a successful (albeit all-consuming career) as lawyer. 788 more words