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Mark Passio got it down how our society is structured and why – Cosmic Abandonment: http://youtu.be/oiCnrn6LkUo

Mark Passio

Lost in Space...Universal Studios Space Edition

Some people think space is the final frontier, I say that is hooey.  I’ve been there and there wasn’t much to discover.  There was some stars and some planets and some rocks and some moons and some suns and some weird looking people.   1,711 more words


Use clojure.java.io/writer in test

Disclaimer: I’m not familiar with java, so this post might seems to be stupid.

Recently I encoutered a problem of testing csv-writing function which writes to stdout. 224 more words

Lost In Space


There are gaps in my brain & I could not seem to weave them together at all.

How much longer this shall take, I am not sure. 21 more words


My World

A year ago today, my world was pulled right from under me. I woke up to news that I never wanted to hear. To something that I didn’t think would happen. 510 more words


[Poll] Which Film Should Bede Watch For His 18th Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon?

Which bad film would you like to see Bede tackle next for his next edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon? Vote in the poll below and whichever one gets the highest votes, he will live-tweet it! 18 more words

Check It

The Robinsons: Lost In Space

Okay, let’s file this one under Things To Watch When You’re Clutching Your Stomach With A Bad Case Of The Squirts.

Y’know, for the longest time I… 243 more words