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Nature’s Geisha@Deviant Art

I don’t know

The precise moment

When my wings

Were canceled

In the aura

Of a molten stalk

Like the elevated eye… 56 more words


Memories - Blessing or Curse! ( Triggering)

The sun was high and warm; it had to be late spring or early summer.

It was 1972, I was four years old.

It was a day like many other days, sunshine rays radiant in the early hours, sounds of children’s laughter outside ringing through the open windows. 2,048 more words

Trauma Age 3-18- TRIGGERS

Airplane Mahogany

Airplane Mahogany
Come riding down
While sunset strips
Of fellaheen gold
Laced the crystal peak mountains
With countless horizons
Of woe 379 more words


Sad Lady With the Apple

Sad Lady with the Apple

You look so sad
standing there holding
that apple, folding
your hands patiently,
waiting for someone to share
your malady— 105 more words