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on that mic phone, my back bone
strong, god-like, god-father, don corle-one
hard like stone, cold as ice,
see these eyes they see no lies… 141 more words


For the Marysville Kids~~

Early November.  Midday, and

Heaven’s lovely footpath blue

Is abundant with ready-made

Pristine rounded snow mounds

Suited for young angel

Hands to set in

Place, make perfect town… 66 more words

Christian Faith

Sometimes you just have to walk away

You cannot win with a narcissist sometimes the best thing is to just walk away. You cannot make them understand how you feel because they just cannot wrap their minds around anyone else having feelings. 359 more words

Betrayal of trust

Abuse can come in many forms but the worst must be betrayal. Whether it is a friend or a lover the pain is the same. We feel that those most important in our lives can be trusted and when that becomes a lie it colors all our relationships. 82 more words