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Will Playing Brain Games Help Me To Find My Lost Keys?

I can’t find my keys to the apartment. Notice that I didn’t say that I “lost”my keys. They have to be here somewhere since I let myself into the apartment yesterday when I came home from shopping and I didn’t leave again. 751 more words


The One Hundred and Thirty-Five Dollar Key

I now own a one hundred and thirty-five dollar key for my 1999 Toyota Corolla – a reliable little tank of car with a filthy, dilapidated interior and over 215,000 miles on it. 2,033 more words

Venice Beach

A Little Tale of Woe and Stuff

Have you ever had something minor happen that throws off your entire day? Nothing major. Just a little inconvenience. No? Well I have and it’s lasted my entire week so far. 927 more words

Odd Stuff

The Lost Keys

(A story of an insignificant boy doing the significant)

The king was rushing. His day was full of appointments and appearances and he always seemed to be about fifteen minutes behind schedule. 773 more words

Three Hard To Find (2014)

1. Needle in haystack.
2. Lost keys.
3. One who does not leave
forwarding address.
At best-
A real test.