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What’s UP your sleeve this time, I wonder, translated…

When we’d kissed goodbye, you’d used your tongue, and gotten those soft words into my mouth, I thought, that it was love; when the lips parted ways, I’d tasted the coldness of your words and the sharpness of your tongue too, and I’d swallowed the hurt down. 61 more words

State Of Mind

Prepare For Landing ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 8/1/14

Photo Copyright –Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Prepare for Landing

Last time I made this trip I was flying away from him. Or was it towards the other one? 143 more words


The End of the World

I’m so sad today and I can’t stop it and tears won’t come and neither will screams and I just want to jump on a plane and visit you because I need to see your face or hear your voice or anything just to be near you. 168 more words


No one can reach her

She was all spikes, like a porcupine
a protection against the world
where once a heart given freely,
love rejected, pain unbearable.

A wall built so high to scale… 112 more words


We Are

If we are what we don’t throw away,
then I am boxes of old bills
and shelves of dusty but loved novels.
I am high school yearbooks… 145 more words


a crazy little thing called love...part 2

    When I think about you, I think of all the promises you made me, and how they no longer matter to you. They shouldn’t matter to me anymore either, but at this point in my life, I would give anything for them! 433 more words

(Smalls) Cherry Pie

There’s a shadow hanging over him
A reminder of the life he had
For what seems now, only an instant
Wishing he could go back and relish… 30 more words