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Easter Island

I’m a total geek and love documentaries. Some are ridiculous, some are boring, and some are done really well. “Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World… 106 more words


13 Reasons You MUST Go!

“Pastor, why do I need to spend over $2000.00 and fly all the way across the world when there is so much ministry that needs to be done right here in our city?”  This was the question that was posed to me by a sincere church member who was counting the cost of going on our first international mission trip as a church.  1,036 more words



  • MOUNT RORAIMA giant flat-topped mountain, or mesa, in the Pakaraima Mountains of the Guiana Highlands , at the point where the boundaries of Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana meet.
  • 250 more words

"I am JESUS, the only name that saves"

In this letter, the Lord is pleading to get ready and
explaining that His coming is actually really soon.
September 21st, 2010.

Dear Friends of Christ: 678 more words

Sonic Boom Demo Review and Impressions

So after getting a chance to play through the Hyper Japan show floor demo does this new Sonic gave live up to the franchise or is it shaping up to be a forgettable entry in the franchise… it’s possibly somewhere in the middle with more borrowed game play like Lost World before it


Sonic Lost World Review [The Fresh Perspective]

The show has gone through a bit of a reboot, so aside from looking prettier this new review style should be much more informative over all! So enjoy Sonic Lost World!