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Abandoned Market

The way we got into this building was tedious and muddy. Since there was a security guard sitting in his parked car in front of the only entrance from the road; we had to climb down a ravine and jump over a freezing, muddy river. 186 more words

Abandoned Building

My subjects are whores and strippers

My subjects are whores and strippers, even though I scarcely enjoy either anymore, as the beautiful ones have all gone, driven away from the dying business, and just the rough scraggly ones are left, who I do not stay for. 77 more words

Another 'Jurassic Park' movie, really!?

Don’t get me wrong, I love dinosaurs. All those myths revolving around their inevitable demise, the fact that no one can quite get it right, it’s fascinating to me. 672 more words


Overlooked: The Secret Krem Koin of DKC2

You may have read a post I wrote about how I can be a naughty cheater sometimes. You may not have. Here’s a recap: I sometimes cheat at video games. 417 more words

Video Games

Undersea Kingdom

∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗ (3/10)

In a nutshell: Inspired by Flash Gordon and The Phantom Empire, the young Republic Studios launched their own sci-fi serial in 1936, and the result was an action-packed, but rather brainless concoction relying heavily on horse chases and pointless crowd battles. 3,250 more words

Conquest Of Man


Before I begin an analysis of the new Jurassic World trailer, I’d like to share a few of my feelings.


YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS! 1,731 more words