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I don’t get it, what is that you want? People are so ridiculously confusing. One second they want something, the next they don’t. One second they’re happy, the next they aren’t. 414 more words

Just A Thought


I don’t own Jurassic Park or any of its characters. I do own this story.

Excerpt from Dr. Alan Grant’s book, The Lost World of the Dinosaurs… 3,735 more words

Why we need the gifts of the Spirit

Paul tells us to be zealous for the gifts of the Spirit. There is good zeal and not so good zeal. He means we need to be zealous with a good zeal. 376 more words



I do not own any of the characters or companies discussed in this story, nor do I own the Jurassic Park franchise or any of its components. 2,841 more words

Beneath the Blue Iceberg


Ann Fenton and her geologist father crash-land on an iceberg which, when melted by the heat of a volcanic eruption, brings to life a frozen island and its prehistoric people. 29 more words


The Golden Cradle


Placed under hypnosis to restore her lost  memory, young Jean Lightfoot continues the amazing account of her previous life as Princess Tana-lohi, who lived fifteen thousand years ago in the now submerged land of Mu. 53 more words


Jurassic Park 3 Review: Reel Features Season 2 Ticket 4 9.28.14

Time to return to Jurassic Park once more as I review the 2001 sequel

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