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#todaysconclusions 24/07/14

When your iPhone tells you that the charger it came with may not be supported its probably time to get a new phone.

The Morley’s should have a Dear Deidre style column in the MK Citizen. 70 more words


Never Let Me Go

I have only just found

What I have been searching for,

Never let me go.

Creative Writing



Sometimes in our lives, we feel deprivation & how many idiotic RULES are plaguing us & everybody else.  It’s unfortunate how so many people influence us, with a large grin & get away with it.   125 more words


My Truth

People never really want to know the truth about themselves. I noticed that about myself today. I have a friend and it always seems to me that I’m the one trying to hold on to that connection. 277 more words

Random Thoughts

Lost forever.


Truth and lies surround me,
indistinguishable, dark and deep.

Light beams hit my face,
as darkness grasps me wildly,
thrusting away the knowing,
pulling me away from the truth.
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