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Black and Blue

Where do I start

When you willingly walked out of my heart

You left everything I ever offered on the table

I try to move on but that part of me is disabled… 16 more words



Come on over

Come a little closer

Kiss my lips and let me kiss you back

Let’s take our history and unpack

Open the doors we closed… 29 more words


From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 25

Mine eyes punish me every time I open them. My ears only wish me harm. My mouth always speaks ill of me. Why does my body condemn me so? 247 more words

Beware of dogs...

A quarter mile from house I stopped this afternoon to help a guy pull two dogs off his collie. I could tell just rolling up on it that his pup was getting worked over and he either had the good sense or lacked the stones to do more than yell and flail his arms like a eight year old girl. 404 more words



Been lost for days on end

Didn’t know what message to send

My story has not that much worth

In telling people I don’t see the… 12 more words