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Home is where the something is

Do you ever get that feeling?
When you’re sad and curled up in your bed or hiding somewhere around your house. Where you just really want to go home? 128 more words

Life Problems

"LosT" by BSP

Check out the new single LOST from BSP
This slide show was created so that the viewer can take a closer look into the dark side of America. 19 more words



Beyond the anger
Above the violent shaking body
Is a girl who wants to be kind – kind and soothing like a drop of wine… 375 more words

The Cynic

He got up to the sound of a dog barking. He hemmed and hawed and complained as was his same response when he heard the dogs barking and really got rattled when the neighborhood children rode their bikes by  his home. 287 more words



So excited to have found “Lost” on Netflix. I had started watching it when it was on TV. With school and work I never got around to seeing the series finale. 148 more words

Daniel Dae Kim

I didn't expect it, but it didn't hurt.

I didn’t expect it.
I didn’t expect to be at your house on a Tuesday night, pretending not to have any feelings for you.
I didn’t expect to look up from what I was doing to see you standing there in an ordinary moment,being absolutely ordinary… 340 more words


The Aftermath

It happened, my first big break up has happened, and it’s just as terrible as they say.

It’s the kind of sadness that overwhelms both your mind and body, the kind that looms over every light, hope, and aspiration you’ve ever had. 27 more words