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…Genuine human contact never ceases to amaze me, how it has the power to subtly yet effectively remedy the long forgotten hurts deepest buried within the unforgiving catacombs of a tormented soul…




Playwriting may be the most interesting class I have this semester. The idea I have so far is disability VS society. I am tired of what society hears instead of getting to know someone with a disability. 128 more words

D&D Enc Lost Mine of Phandelver session 3-4

Well my players and I have all been armed with shiny new PHB’s and I have also bought my copy of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen too, but we continue running our Lost Mine adventure here at Tabletop Tyrants for now (I want to complete chapter 2 and have slightly modified it to link to the HotDQ Encounters adventure. 1,018 more words


Queen Of Corn Fields


There lies the Queen of Corn Fields
Soft-pedaled and sedated.
Arranged carelessly on the grass,
She sat there and gazed.
She looked out on her fields… 399 more words


Right through the storm.

Yes, today, I am the one with no direction to follow. I am in the middle of the ocean of life with no sign boards to guide me to my destination. 205 more words


Glittering Jewels

For my shame I must admit
When beauty spoke the words I missed
On occasion I swam in pools
Not filled with water but glittering jewels… 50 more words


Loving her

loving her is no easy task;

i lie and declare that i adore these emotions …

i do not at her every sight,

the heart dancing like an amateur… 24 more words