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The Way Is Blocked

It’s a funny thing, losing your writing abilities. It happened to me in year 12 at the worst possible moment: right before exams. But hey, I got the score I wanted anyway, and was at least satisfied, despite my English teacher being upset at my attempt on the exam  374 more words


Um Mafagafo em ninho de Tucano.

Antes de mais nada, gostaria deixar claro que esta é uma obra de ficção. Qualquer semelhança com a realidade é mera coincidência.

Era uma vez um grande ninho cheio de tucanos. 779 more words

Tonight I Can Write

by Pablo Neruda
Tonight I can write the saddest lines.

Write, for example, ‘The night is starry and the stars are blue and shiver in the distance.’ 299 more words


Hurry the fuck up

It’s been three fucking weeks since I’ve seen you and holy shit everyday I miss you more. I hear your voice bringing me closer, but everyone else around me is telling me this is faulty. 256 more words

I Miss You

Sunken Ends

                                                 I know the beginning,
And the ending,
But the journey
Traps me,
On every side

Beautiful, confident people pass,                   How do they do it?
Striding forward,                                               No one taught me, 99 more words


Found by Salina Yoon

My review at Good Reads with Ronna, where you can find the latest and greatest in children’s literature.

Salina Yoon has created a wonderful story with  249 more words

Book Reviews

Grand Request

More time with you was all I wanted

But my request was too grand

The world took the you and me away

Now we are like two strays… 16 more words