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Originally what was supposed to be about an easy fifteen hours of travel time ended up becoming forty hours of complications.  Because of risky weather in the Chicago area, my flight from Minneapolis was delayed three hours, making me miss all of my connecting flights.   464 more words


A card with my address

I have arrived! From what I can tell, Chennai is loud, crowded, hot, diverse, and well—dirty. It is the polar opposite of where I have lived for the previous year—Switzerland. 325 more words


Finding Beauty in the Journey

“This moment will be just another story someday.” -unknown 

These pictures were all taken in moments I was literally lost.

Pat The Cat Is Missing

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

The Guardians have found yet another lost cat poster during their travels through the neighborhood. This time the missing kitty is named Pat the Cat, and he has not been seen by his people since August 5. 183 more words


From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 42

Is this continuum contingent on a goal, point, reason, meaning, purpose? Do I set the confines of this problem, situation? Have I set the boundaries which cannot be crossed and nothing set up against them? 313 more words

Whole New World


I’ve felt a bit lost in the big, wide ocean of life, but I can see the shore in the distance. It’s going to take work, but there is a whole new world out there kids.


Italian Wedding Soup | lost in translation

lost in translation

“si maritano bene”

greens + meat go well